Top 16 March Madness Betting Seeds Revealed

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Top 16 March Madness Betting Seeds Revealed

Although there’s still some short time to cover before the official start of the March Madness betting season, NCAA sportsbook fans have still gotten a window into which teams will be competing for a shot at glory in 2017. On February 11th, the NCAA tournament selection committee kicked off its inaugural March Madness bracket preview show on CBS by announcing the top 16 seeds that will be competing in this year’s tournament. The committee announced 4 candidates from each NCAA region across the country, ergo bringing the total number of schools announced to 16. The committee used the same procedure they’ve always used to designate the 68-team tournament, but have decided to give fans a sneak preview of the action. Let’s take a look at which teams have already qualified for this year’s March Madness betting tournament.

SEED                          REGION                                            TEAM & OVERALL RANK

1                                  East                                                     Villanova Wildcats (1)

1                                  Midwest                                              Kansas Jayhawks (2)

1                                  South                                                   Baylor Bears (3)

1                                  West                                                    Gonzaga Bulldogs (4)

2                                  East                                                     Louisville Cardinals (5)

2                                  Midwest                                              Florida State Seminoles (6)

2                                  South                                                   North Carolina Tar Heels (7)

2                                  West                                                    Oregon Ducks (8)

3                                  East                                                     Kentucky Wildcats (9)

3                                  Midwest                                              Arizona Wildcats (10)

3                                  South                                                   Florida Gators (11)

3                                  West                                                    Virginia Cavaliers (12)

4                                  East                                                     UCLA Bruins (13)

4                                  Midwest                                              Duke Blue Devils (14)

4                                  South                                                   Butler Bulldogs (15)

4                                  West                                                  West Virginia Mountaineers (16)

As a side note, the listed ranking do not reflect those school’s current AP Poll ranking, but rather the overall ranking that they have been given for the tournament. So far, the selections are pretty interesting and most of the listings are self-explanatory.

Last year’s reigning champions were able to snag a top-ranking seed which should come as no surprise to those who bet on college basketball. Although some sportsbook fans might argue that the undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs deserve to be the No. 1 overall selection. However, Villanova’s 25-2 record as well as No. 2 nationwide ranking proves that the Wildcats are as good as a selection as any. To help fans measure the talents of these teams, the Butler Bulldogs will face off against Villanova on February 22nd.

Butler might not have been able to snag a top ranking in the bracket, but considering the impressive run they had at the start of the season, NCAA sportsbook fans are fully aware that the Bulldogs are legitimate contenders. Nonetheless, a No. 4 overall spot from the committee is nothing to get hung up on.

While some NCAA sportsbook fans may be ecstatic about the release of the Top 16 seeds, there are some that would argue that doesn’t add too much drama to the conversation. Ostensibly, releasing the full 68 team bracket or at least the ‘Last Four in’ and ‘Las Four Out’ would have greatly helped to catalyze the March Madness betting conversation.

“I don’t want us to do anything that could be seen as an assumption or a projection,” Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis explained regarding the decision to only release the top 16. “If you do that, you become a bracketologist, not a committee member.”