Three Sportsbook Reasons UNC Could Very Well Repeat

Posted by: Mike Davis
Three Sportsbook Reasons UNC Could Very Well Repeat

The college basketball betting season might still be pretty far away, but that isn’t stopping sportsbooks from sizing up this year’s fiercest competition. Last year, a fierce regular season performance gave way to a fantastic finish at the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. Ahead of this year’s season, players are just trying to figure out who’s going to make it all the way.

North Carolina will come into the season as the reigning champs, and a good portion of basketball betting players will be picking them to repeat. Many sportsbook players were surprised to see UNC compete for the National Title last season, given the departures the school suffered. But the Tar Heels answered their doubts by picking making a second consecutive title appearance in a row, and actually winning it this time around.

This season, there aren’t as many college basketball betting fans doubting the Tar Heels, but there aren’t that many picking them to go all the way. Which might prove to be a mistake, since UNC currently has all the pieces lined up for another brilliant title run. Below are the 3 best reasons why UNC will deliver a repeat in 2018.

No. 1 – UNC’s Brimming Talent

North Carolina might not feature a lineup filled with future 1st rounders, but they do have a lineup that boasts 6 former McDonald’s High School All-Americans. But they’re in no way, shape or form unbalanced. In fact, the Tar Heels have one of the most balanced lineups in the nation. A big part of that has to do with the fact that they aren’t suffering that many losses.

Guard Theo Pinson is slated to return, unlike forward Justin Jackson – who is widely considered a mid-first round pick. However, guard Joel Berry and forward Tony Bradley are more than likely to stay at UNC this upcoming season.

No. 2 – A Strong Post

UNC’s greatest strength last season came from their big men, which allowed the program to dominate within the paint. Those big men came up big in the Final Four, where the Tar Heels’ rebounding game was what spelled defeat for Oregon. Accounting for Meeks and Hicks departure, both of whom are seniors, the Tar Heels will have to find a way to keep their post strong.

If Bradley returns, UNC shouldn’t have too hard of a time maintaining their post dominance. Luke Maye looked great in this past NCAA Tournament, which should give college basketball betting fans enough hope for this upcoming season.

No. 3 – Fast-Paced Freshman

The lack of a plethora of experienced starters puts a good deal of pressure on UNC’s recruitment. As things stand now, UNC has 4 players signed for the class of 2017, and they’re recruitment doesn’t rank as the best in the nation.

Jalek Felton is without a question the star of the lot. Felton is actually the nephew of former UNC Tar Heel Raymon Felton. At 6’2’, Felton is exactly what the Tar Heels need to be able to win bac-to-back titles.