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Sportsbooks Begin to Eye-Up Sweet Sixteen

With the first weekend of the March Madness betting tournament in the books, sportsbook players can now set their eyes on the Sweet Sixteen. This year’s NCAA Tournament is delivering more upsets than anyone could have ever imagined, from Wisconsin knocking out Nova, to Duke falling short against South Carolina, it’s safe to say that more than half of the brackets across the nation are officially busted. But now that we’ve had some time to let these results sit, it’s time to go over which teams have made it to the Sweet Sixteen.

Latest March Madness Betting News

So far there have been some notable developments in this year’s tournament. Seeing the overall No. 1 seed in the tournament (Villanova) get eliminated so early in the competition is as good as example as any. The ACC, who had 9 teams originally represent the conference in this year’s March Madness betting tournament, has but one team left. Lastly, the lowest seed still in contention is No. 11 Xavier. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which teams from each region have made it to the Sweet Sixteen.

East Regional

Wisconsin, Florida, Baylor, South Carolina

While the NCAA Tournament lines might not agree, most bettors wouldn’t argue that Baylor and Florida are easily one of the top-10, if not top-5, programs left in the Tournament. Throw in the fact that Wisconsin just took down Nova, and sportsbooks could begin to see a lot of action for East Regional schools. The Gamecocks don’t have the same repute as the other three, but considering that South Carolina just played its best two games of the season, including their 65 in a half performance, it’s clear that the East still has plenty in store for the country.

Midwest Regional

Kansas, Purdue, Oregon, Michigan

Aside from Gonzaga, Kansas is undoubtedly the best program left in the tournament. In fact, one could make a case that the Jayhawks looked the best this past weekend. Of course, they did get a run for their money from Michigan State, but the way they pulled away in the final minutes of the game shows that this team is built for the March Madness betting tournament.

South Regional

North Carolina, Butler, UCLA, Kentucky

UNC is synonymous with March Madness, but the way the Tar Heels have been performing seriously brings their status as title contenders into question. In fact, some bettors might even rank them 4th overall in the South Regional.

West Regional

Gonzaga, West Virginia, Xavier, Arizona

Accounting for the current landscape of the tournament, there are few who would disagree that Gonzaga is the remaining top dog – or top bulldog in their case. In addition to the fact that the Zags have only been beaten once this season, Gonzaga is ranked No. 1 in multiple metrics. Granted, stats don’t win championships, but if you had to pick a clear sportsbook favorite, Gonzaga is the way to go.