No More Online College Basketball Betting Leaks

Posted by: Mike Davis
No More Online College Basketball Betting Leaks

Last season, eager online college basketball betting fans were treated to a special showing when the NCAA tournament bracket was leaked before the NCAA intended. Some sportsbook players were ecstatic, because knowing which seeding teams were pegged at allowed bettors to foresee which matchups would take place and therefore have a better idea at which teams had a better chance of going all the way.


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However, the NCAA and tournament committee were not thrilled about the leak. In fact, the NCAA launched an investigation into the leak to determine who was responsible for the inexcusable act. Although they never released details regarding the culprit, the NCAA has released a statement that leads most sportsbook players to believe that the leak was not internal, but rather from one of the NCAA’s partners who had advanced access to the bracket. Either way, it’s clear that the NCAA is taking added precautions this time around.

“We have always worked closely with our broadcast partners to ensure the confidentiality of the bracket before it is released publicly,” David Worlock, a spokesperson for the NCAA told Yahoo Sports. “We have additional measures that we believe will prevent any premature release of information from occurring.”

“This includes reducing the number of entities and people who receive the bracket in advance of the Selection Show.”

Last March, the bottom half of the NCAA tournament bracket was released online halfway through the NCAA’s selection show; a 90-minute special the NCAA puts on annually to hype up the anticipation surrounding the bracket. The aftermath of the sportsbook leak resulted in schools preemptively knowing if they got snubbed or not, as well as which teams they would face. This ultimately had some effect on NCAA tournament betting lines and in the end, it took the power out of the NCAA’s hands, something the organization was not happy with.

This year, the NCAA has given fans some knowledge of which teams have qualified for the online college basketball betting tournament, but it has withheld which seeding those announced teams would be given, ergo giving the selection show some significance.

These types of leaks are seldom seen in NCAA affairs, which just goes to show just how seriously the organization takes withholding information. In fact, only once before last year’s leak has something of this magnitude occurred. Back in 2010, almost an hour before the No. 1 seeds were announced, someone posted on a Maryland-themed message board which schools had gotten pegged No. 1, which teams had gotten snubbed, as well as which opponents Maryland would be facing in the tournament.

“At first I wasn’t sure there was anything to it,” Jeff Ermann, a publisher of InsiderMD sports, stated to Yahoo Sports back in 2014 in reference to the 2010 leaks. “But he had a lot of things that you couldn’t have guessed. There was clearly a leak somewhere along the line.”

In an age where technology is so readily available, it’s amazing the NCAA hasn’t suffered more leaks. Nevertheless, in the future, players can expect to see even less leaks.