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NCAA March Madness to Return in 2021, Cade Cunningham to Remain with Oklahoma State

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NCAA March Madness to Return in 2021, Cade Cunningham to Remain with Oklahoma State

The cancellation of the NCAA Basketball tournament was upsetting as we hardly got to witness the March Madness. The management probably took the best decision given the circumstances to hold off the tournament from its progress. For hard core basketball fans, NCAAB is known for its March Madness. This is when most of the teams are at their peak. It was a hard decision for the management to call off the NCAA Basketball tournament. However, the pandemic was something they never expected. That said, a recent statement from the NCAA vice president gave hope for fans next year. Dan Gavitt has been the senior executive and vice president for the NCAA and he has stated that March Madness will return in 2021.

Gavitt stated that the March Madness will be taken seriously and in a responsible manner. There might be certain parameters that the organization will follow, but their primary objective is to do it safely. The good news is that if there is an NCAA Basketball tournament there will be March Madness. The men’s basketball committee has discussed several options to get this up and running. There is going to be some flexibility when it comes to the automatic qualifier status for each league. This will help the organizers to work freely.

NCAA Basketball tournament was canceled for the first time since 1939. Most of the fans are already devastated due to the cancellation. Everyone will expect a big comeback next season in 2021. The organization had no other option but to cancel the tournament for the safety of the players and fans. The good news is that next year there is going to be a bigger celebration and a better experience.

Oklahoma to continue the benefits of Cade Cunningham

The other NCAA Basketball news is that Cade Cunningham has decided to stay with Oklahoma State for now. Mike Boynton was the one that offered a scholarship for Cunningham much before he played a high school game. It turns out that Boynton made the offer without the consultation of then-head coach Brad Underwood. Cunningham was grateful for the offer. He also mentioned that Boynton believed in him and in his performance. Cunningham later pushed his way through to become the No. 2 player in the class of 2020. It was not long that he had the potential to become the No. 1 NBA Draft pick of 2021.

Oklahoma State made things more interesting when they brought on his brother Cannen Cunningham on the team. Cade Cunningham had several other options before Oklahoma State Cowboys such as North Carolina and Kentucky Wildcats. With no hesitation, Cade chose Oklahoma. He’s made the same decision to stay with them once again. He stated that he wanted to play for Coach Boynton and that things are already looking comfortable. Apparently, Cade’s connection with Oklahoma and Boynton is so deep that he was not ready to go elsewhere and play for another coach. The ncaa college basketball has always been a matter of interest for several players and fans. Oklahoma fans are not surprised about Cade’s decision. They all look forward to his performance next season.

Rasir Bolton accuses Patrick Chambers of racism

Iowa State’s Rasir Bolton came out to the public with his concern. He stated that Penn State’s Patrick Chambers was the reason why he left the team. The academic advisor was informed about this issue by Bolton and his parents spoke to the director’s office of Penn State. Chambers hurt Bolton with racial insults and later apologized after the issue was raised. Chambers stated that his words were ignorant, insensitive, hurtful and unacceptable. Bolton started off with Penn State during the 2018-19 season. Last May, he was transferred to Iowa State Cyclones and has been with them since. Patrick Chambers, on the other hand, has been the coach for Penn State since 2011.

The ncaa basketball betting has been affected due to the cancellation of March Madness. However, there is going to be a better upcoming season for bettors to make up for their loss. Meanwhile, the organization will consider all measures to keep the players and fans safe. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a major impact on sports. NCAA Basketball was one of the first sports to be affected.