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NBA-NCAA Title Match Comparison: NCAA Football Offseason Banter

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NBA-NCAA Title Match Comparison

The college football betting offseason may be in full effect, but the current matchup in the NBA Finals has left college bettors scratching their head. Not because the matchup is surprising. After all, every single one of us was expecting another Warriors-Cavs finals before the season even kicked off. But all in all, this year’s Finals marks the 4th consecutive time we’ve seen this pair compete for the NBA title. In addition, we’ve seen something similar in college football. Take a sportsbook look at our NBA-NCAA title match comparison.

NBA-NCAA Title Match Comparison || 2015-2019

1st Round || 2015 NBA Finals & 2016 National Championship

The 2015 NBA season was when it all came together for Golden State. After building a team through the draft, the Warriors blossomed into one of the most formidable teams in the league. After posting a 67-15 record to win the Western Conference, the Warriors put on a masterful postseason performance to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. LeBron was coming off an NBA Finals loss to the Spurs and was looking for blood. But instead of adding another ring, Golden State came out on top 4 games to 2.

Later on that year, in the 2015 college football betting season, both Clemson and Alabama rose to prominence in their respective conferences. After both teams delivered 14-1 records, they face each other down in Glendale. And as we recall, Bama came out on top 45-40. Had you told us then we would see this matchup three more times consecutively, we would have likely called you crazy.

2nd Round || 2016 NBA Finals & 2017 National Championship

This NBA season saw the Golden State Warriors make history by delivering a 73-win regular season performance. Afterwards, the Warriors stunned once again on their way to the Finals. But instead of capping off a brilliant season with an NBA title, Golden State fell short in Game 7 against an extremely motivated LeBron. In the end James would get his revenge but it would be short lived.

The football parlay odds for the 2016 season were favoring Bama once again. However, neither Alabama nor Clemson disappointed as they delivered masterful performances to make it back to the national championship. Interestingly enough, like in the NBA Finals, things turned out different this time around. Clemson came out on top 35-31.

3rd Round || 2017 NBA Finals & 2018 National Championship

Last year’s NBA Finals saw both the Cavs and Warriors make the NBA Finals. Golden State had a highly successful season that still wasn’t as good as the 73-win performance they had delivered the year before. In the playoffs, Golden State went undefeated all the way to the NBA Finals – where they conceded one loss to Cleveland. The Cavs were dominant in the lead up to the Finals but crumbled against the Warriors’ prowess.

Over in the NCAA, we saw Clemson and Alabama both build on the success they had enjoyed in the previous season. While the Tigers were hopeful that they could win back-to-back titles, Bama had different plans. It was a hard fought match that ended 26-23 in the Tide’s favor.

4th Round || 2018 NBA Finals & 2019 National Championship

Well we all know how this year’s NBA season shaped up. While we got the same Finals pairing, both teams had a rough go in the leading up. This gives us hope that next year’s NBA Finals will feature a different pair – ideally.

As for how the 2019 National Championship will shape up: Bama and Clemson currently have the best odds of winning the title. Honestly it would be very surprising to see these two make it all the way to the championship game. Especially considering the heat the NCAA committee took this year for what many considered to be pretty obvious meddling. But as of now, the NBA-NCAA title match comparisons predict another Clemson-Alabama finish to this upcoming season.