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Ranking the Most Dominant Small Forwards in NCAA Basketball

Posted by: Mike Davis
Ranking the best Small Forwards in the Game

In college basketball, teams with a strong small forward tend to find success. It’s a demanding position that needs a versatile star in order to find success. Naturally finding a team with a strong small forward can help you make stronger college basketball betting predictions. So to help size up this year’s sports betting landscape, we’ve put together this list ranking the most dominant small forwards in NCAA basketball. Below we’ll be looking at a small list that represents the absolute best at the position in collegiate basketball.

Ranking the Most Dominant Small Forwards in NCAA Basketball

No. 1 | Jordan Nwora, Louisville

Some would argue that Jordan Nwora’s presence on the Cardinals roster is the primary reason that they’re pegged as a Top 5 team and a likely Final Four finalist. Testament to this is the jubilee that Louisville put forth after finding out that Nwora would be returning to the program. Although the Cardinals have a top recruiting class heading into next season and despite the fact that they snagged a graduate transfer point guard, many feel that Nwora is the strongest aspect of this team. He enters with 17.6 ppg, 7.6 rpg to his name and with a 6’7” frame, he’s clearly going to dominate this upcoming season.

No. 2 | Yoeli Childs, BYU

Some college basketball betting players might question the decision to place Yoeli Childs No. 2 on the list. But for someone who puts up 21.2 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 2.1 apg, and also averages a steal and a block per game, it’s clear Childs isn’t getting the hype he deserves. At 6’8” 228 lbs., he’s clearly a man to be reckoned with. Last season BYU was able to win 19 games and had an opportunity to make it into the NCAA Tournament but failed to do so. However, if Childs can maintain that level of play, BYU should be able to take it one step deeper this season.

No. 3 | Joshua Langford, Michigan State

The Michigan State Spartans shocked the online mobile betting community last season when they made a Final Four run despite having their best player. Who might that be? Well none other than Joshua Langford, a former five-star talent making almost 41% of his shots from beyond the arc. Additionally, he’s averaging 15 points per game and is capable of shooting from inside the arc as well. Considering that the Spartans had Langford for just 3 games last season, it’s clear they’re bound for greater heights this time around.

No. 4 | Naji Marshall, Xavier

All in all, Xavier is a great team to bet on this upcoming season. Not only do they have four starters returning from a team that won 19 games, they’re also getting Naji Marshall to return. He’s a 6’7” 222 lbs. versatile player that is able to find value at any position on the floor. Although his 3-point shooting could improve, he’s a monster on defense. Right now his numbers are 17.7 ppg, 7.2 rpg, and 3.4 apg but you really have to watch him play defense to understand what he brings to the table.

No. 5 | Tres Tinkle, Oregon State

With the best name in college basketball betting, Tres Tinkle lands the No. 5 spot on this list. Since Tinkle received a redshirt for his sophomore year, he is returning for his 5th season with the program. With so much experience, it’s easy to see why he’s putting up 20.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists and 1.7 steals per game. The Ducks finished last season with an 18-13 record and are poised to build off that success this season.