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March Madness 2023 Betting Begins

March Madness 2023 Betting: You waited all year for it and it’s finally here! Yes, March Madness betting is upon us. No more waiting, no more following conference tournaments, figuring out who had a good enough record in what quadrant to go to the dance, none of that. It’s all here. You can finally bet on the games that you want to bet. Here at BetNow, we’ve got a great bracket competition and so much more for you to bet on. 

It All Starts With a Bracket 

Our bracket contest is the best there is. We know that you don’t exactly lack for options when it comes to March Madness brackets. You can bet on as many as you would like from just about everywhere. So, we understand that, if we want to get you to BetNow, then we have to offer more for our bracket than what you’ll be able to find anywhere else. How do we do that? Simple. 

By offering the most money. Here at BetNow, we want you to, well, bet now. Hence, that’s why we’re offering $1,000,000 for our bracket challenge. You don’t have to read that twice, it’s one million dollars. That’s how much you can win if you have the best bracket. What do you know about college basketball? If you know enough, it very well could make you a millionaire. 

Additionally, we know that, when it comes to bracketology, you maybe don’t want to have to spend all that much money to get in on the fun, either. We understand that, too. So, we make it so that you can fill out a free entry today. Yes, you read that right, too. It’s a free entry. Not a “kind of free” entry, nor a “mostly free” one. Instead, this entry is free to anyone so that you can get in on the March Madness bracket action without having to put too much on the line. 

Beyond that, here at BetNow, we’re always looking for more ways to put more on the line for our customers. Hence, if you sign up now, you’ll get a 150% sign-up bonus. Just think of how much easier that can make it for you to get started. Instead of putting so much money up first, you can take a moment, take a bet or two, see how BetNow feels for you, and take it from there. 

March Madness 2023 Betting: Bet Game by Game 

Of course, not to burst anyone’s bubble (or bracket, heh), the odds of you winning that one million dollars for having the best bracket are not great. Sure, you can win, but so much can go wrong in March Madness, it pays to have more ways to bet, too. That’s what you’ll always find here at BetNow. We make it so that you can bet game by game as well. 

That doesn’t even wait for the tournament to properly start. We have basketball betting odds and more for the First Four games in Dayton, Ohio. If it’s been a minute since you followed the tournament, these are basically teams 65-68. The winners get to go into those brackets for March Madness. These games signify the beginning of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. 

The first game on Tuesday night is Texas A&M against SE Missouri State. Many haven’t seen SE Missouri State this year but they’ve had a strong season to get this far. Texas A&M, of course, has been in the SEC, which has had a banner year in basketball. Our handicappers have the game with the Aggies a four point favorite with odds of -180 in their favor. 

Our handicappers also see this as a high scoring game, too, with an over/under of 155.5. What do you think? 

The late game is between two schools you’ve probably heard of: Mississippi State and the University of Pittsburgh (commonly known as “Pitt.”) Pitt is a 2.5 underdog on the road against the Bulldogs. We see this as a lower scoring game, with an over/under of 133. How do you see it playing out? Will MSU move on, or will Pitt be it? Good luck to you throughout the tournament!