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Important Dates Ahead of March Madness Betting Season

Sportsbook players are going through a bit of a funk. Currently, the NBA and the NHL are in the final stages of the regular season, but their playoffs will not start until the final days of April. On the other hand, Major League Baseball is in the dull, uneventful days of springing, and the NFL isn’t providing much action or news until the draft that is, once again, scheduled to take place in late April. So as we enter the month of March, bettors can begin to look forward to the one event that will save them from this eventless time, the March Madness betting season.

Those who love to bet on college basketball games are well aware that the NCAA tournament is rapidly approaching. There are plenty of important dates for bettors to remember, but the most forthcoming is March 12th, the day that the committee will announce its bracket, making it official which teams have qualified and which teams got snubbed.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of time for March Madness betting fans to get to know their favorite picks, as the major conference tournaments and the majority of the mid-majors are scheduled to be held next week.

There are only a handful of days left in the regular season, and as things currently stand, it looks like Kansas, UCLA, Nova, and Gonzaga will be snagging the top four seeds and giving themselves an excellent position to win the tournament. Nevertheless, everyone loves a good Cinderella story, and most sportsbook players feel like the Northwestern Wildcats are one underdog to keep an eye out for.

But the Wildcats aren’t the only thing bettors should be keeping an eye out for. There are plenty of important dates coming in the following weeks, so getting familiar with the comings and goings of the March Madness betting season can help players maximize their winnings. You can find all of the important dates down below:

Event                           ||                       Location                                                          || Date ||

Selection Sunday                                N/A                                                             March 12th

First Four                                Dayton, Ohio                                                March 14th & 15th

First/Second                            Buffalo, NY                                                  March 16 & 18

First/Second                            Milwaukee                                                      March 16 & 18

First/Second                            Orlando, Fl.                                                     March 16 & 18

First/Second                            Salt Lake City                                                 March 16 & 18

First/Second                            Greenville, N.C.                                              March 16 & 18

First/Second                            Indianapolis                                                    March 17 & 19

First/Second                            Tulsa, Okl.                                                       March 17 & 19

First/Second                            Sacramento, Calif.                                          March 17 & 19

Midwest Regional                   Kansas City, Mo.                                            March 23 & 25

West Regional                         San Jose, Calif.                                               March 23 & 25

South Regional                       Memphis, Tenn.                                              March 24 & 26

East Regional                          New York                                                       March 24 & 26

Final Four                                Phoenix                                                           April 1 & 3

As sportsbook players prepare for the start of the NCAA tournament in the coming weeks, lots of difficult decisions will have to be made regarding which team will go all the way. The defending Villanova Wildcats have an excellent shot of winning back to back titles, but Gonzaga’s undefeated run early in the season was turning heads all across the nation.