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Contenders Worthy of College Basketball Bets

The time to place college basketball bets is almost here, which means that it’s a perfect opportunity to begin sizing up the current national championship scene, especially since bettors now know exactly which players have left the NCAA in pursuit of the NBA.

From HS to the NBA

Players declaring for the NBA draft brings up an interesting topic. This past Wednesday, Adam Silver, the league’s commissioner, stated during an interview on Fox Sports’ The Herd that he is rethinking of backtracking on the NBA’s ‘one-and-done rule’. The rule in question was set into motion back in 2006 and restricted high school players from entering the NBA straight out of High School.

Specifically, the NBA raised the minimum age of acceptance in the league from 18 to 19, forcing athletes fresh out of high school to enroll in collegiate sports for at least a year (hence the one-and-done nomenclature).

This change could have drastic implications for sports betting international players who place college basketball bets. If the NBA withdraws this ruling, there will be nothing stopping the best talent from entering the NCAA. Less talented players create less intriguing matchups, and it’s more than likely that collegiate sports in general would suffer.

Silver has yet to make up his mind and has only announced that he is considering changing the ruling. In the meantime, bettors can get to know the current lineup the best programs in the nation are sporting, as well as the online betting odds they’ll face ahead of next year’s season.

Top Contenders for 2017-18 College Basketball Season

No. 1 – Arizona – Finished 32-5 – Sweet 16

Luckily for the Wildcats, the NBA still has their one-and-done rule in effect, which means that they were able to successfully sign DeAndre Ayton. Throw Ayton in with a lineup that should include Allonzo Trier, Dusan Ristic, and Rawle Alkins, and Sean Miller, Arizona’s head coach, might finally be able to get past the Elite Eight.

No. 2 – Michigan State – Finished 20-15 – 2nd Round (NCAA Tourney)

Some bettors who make college basketball bets might think this is a little high for Michigan State, but the return of Miles Bridges assures that they are deserving of this honor. Bridges is a frontrunner for National Player of the Year and with Nick Ward backing him up, Michigan State could be exceedingly dominant next season.

No. 3 – Kentucky – Finished 31-5 – Elite 8

Hamidou Diallo decided to return to Kentucky. For those who don’t know, Diallo didn’t really play last season, but had such a rough outing at the NBA Combine that he decided he would be better off sticking around for another year. Kentucky also bolsters a 6’8” Kevin Knox, 3 Top 20 recruits, and even one that cracks the Top 10.

No. 4 – USC – Finished 26-10 – 2nd Round (NCAA Tourney)

Of all the programs on this list, USC is the most excited about this upcoming season. That’s because literally everyone is back, and the Trojans are bound to get a few college basketball bets thrown their way.