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College Basketball: Top Five Potential Teams 2021-22 Season

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Top Five Potential Teams 2021-22 Season

The NCAA College Basketball 2021-22 tournament is just around the corner and bettors have already started to place their bets on their favorite teams. The opening game of the season will take place on November 6, between Virginia-Lynchburg Hornets and Delaware St. Hornets. The Gonzaga Bulldogs were expected to win the tournament last year but their finals turned out to be their only loss. However, this season the competition looks tough with some of the top universities bringing a few changes to their team. Here are the top five potential teams that are predicted to stay until the end of the tournament.

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Wolverines topped the Big 10 Conference play last season with a 14-3 record. The Wolverines were ahead of Illinois and Iowa with an overall record of 23-5. Caleb Houstan is the new addition to the Wolverine squad who is one of the best freshmen for this season. The Wolverines have another addition to their roster, Moussa Diabate. DeVante Jones will take his position in the Wolverine uniform and is expected to do his best.

Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas had one of the best field goal percentages last season touching close to 50. The Jayhawks completed the Big 12 Conference play at the second spot behind Baylor Bears. The Jayhawks were 12-6 in the Big 12 play and 21-9 with their overall record. Remy Martin is the new addition to add flavor for Kansas. Jalen Wilson and the return of Ochai Agbaji are already making the Jayhawks look strong.

Villanova Wildcats

Villanova Wildcats topped the Big East play last season with a solid 11-4 record. The Wildcats were 18-7 with their overall performance. Villanova might bring in Collin Gillespie after he left MCL. However, Bryan Antoine might miss the start of the season due to an injury. Justine Moor and Caleb Daniels are the other notable players to contribute to Villanova this season. Villanova is expected to have one of the best offensive units for this upcoming season.

Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue Boilermakers secured fourth in the Big 10 Conference play last season with a 13-6 record. Overall, the Boilermakers won 18 games and dropped 10 in return. Purdue has some of the top players on their team, including Trevion Williams, Zach Edey, and Jaden Ivey. Sasha Stefanovic and Eric Hunter will return to add some spice to the pot. Purdue has strong potential to take out some of those strong opponents on the season.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The number one spot had to be Gonzaga despite their loss in the finals last season. Gonzaga was the only team that won every game except the finals. The Bulldogs have talented power forwards that deserve to play in the NBA. Gonzaga will triumph once again this season with a new addition to the team. Drew Timme will take his place in the Bulldogs uniform. The college basketball betting websites have detailed information about the top teams, player statistics, and betting trends available online. The upcoming season is expected to be better than the previous one.