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College Basketball Rules Committee Recommends Five Changes for the Upcoming 2021-22 Season

College Basketball is long gone after Baylor Bears broke Gonzaga’s biggest winning streak at the finals. It was one of those tight unexpected games when Baylor took the lead ahead of Gonzaga to win the NCAA Division title. It was one of the most entertaining and exciting seasons with several hardships due to the pandemic. Despite the ups and downs, the 2020-21 college basketball tournament was successful. Based on this online sportsbook for NCAA Basketball, the upcoming season might have a few changes in terms of rules and regulations. It turns out that the men’s basketball rules committee has brought five changes to the upcoming tournament. Here is the list of college basketball rules that might be in effect.

Updated College Basketball Rules:

Technical Foul Through Flopping

Flopping can earn a technical foul and this is rule is considered to be one of the most important. The committee stated that they never received the right results after two years of warning. Faking a foul turned out to be annoying for opponents and basketball fans. Hence, the player called for a technical foul will not accumulate a personal foul.

Six Fouls

The six-foul rule has been modified and any player with four personal fouls in one half will not play the rest of the game. This rule will be used at the NIT competition in order to make college basketball better. On the other hand, this might not be a permanent rule as it is still in the experiment stage.

Sideline Technology and Tweaking Timeouts

Technology on the sideline is yet to be implemented for the NCAA tournament and the non-conference games. Tablets and laptops that are allowed on the bench will need to apply for a waiver. Based on the college basketball rules, tweaking timeouts will serve if either team calls a timeout under the 16-minute mark. This will serve as the under 12-minute media timeout.

Showing Tenths of a Second

The committee recommended that schools allow tenths of a second showing on the shot clock. However, it is not mandatory but yet this rule has been existing in the NBA for almost a decade. Quasi-quarters, removing offensive basket interference, and widening the lane was not recommended by the committee. The suggested rules will be considered and might be approved in early June.

Fans will look forward to this year’s ncaa basketball betting despite the tournament having several changes. On the other hand, West Hartford will be dropping from Division I to Division III since their first NCAA tournament appearance. This particular move came as a surprise and was not received well by their students. Hartford has been a part of Division I since the 1984-85 season. The Big 12 Conference play was considered the most exciting last season and the upcoming season is sure to be bigger and better.