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Bracket Madness and Beyond: March Madness Betting at BetNow

Bracket Madness and Beyond: By the time you read this, the First Four will all be in (most likely) and the bracket will be set. Then, it will be time for the greatest tournament of the year, maybe in all of sports. Yes, March Madness is finally, finally upon us. No more waiting through conference tournaments, no more making all of your notes to figure out who’s going to cut down the nets. Instead, it’s just the games themselves. There’s still time to get your bracket in here at BetNow. Of course, we have March Madness betting beyond the bracket, too. 

How Bracket Madness Works 

The first thing to know about Bracket Madness here at BetNow is that it is free. Yes, that’s right. It’s free. 100% free. It’s not “kind of free,” nor is it “free with conditions,” it’s just free. We know how great betting on March Madness can be. So, we want to open that up to as many people as possible. We can’t tell you how many people over the years have started with us when it comes to betting on the NCAA Men’s Tournament and then stuck around for other bets. Think of it as a way of us thanking you for using our site. 

That said, we’re not here to just thank you, we’re here to give money to winners. Now, there are some rules in regards to Bracket Madness: there can only be one entry per household, you have to be an active client of BetNow to be able to participate, etc. But, this is one of the bigger free pots you’ll find. If you come in first, you’ll get $350,000. There are plenty of great prizes for those who didn’t come in first, too. Bracket Madness is our chance to give back, to reward those who stick around BetNow. 

March Madness 2023 Betting in Addition to Bracket Madness

Bracket Madness is great, but it’s still a bracket. It’s a bet that you make before one weekend in March that can last for months… or it can go up in smoke after just the first game. Should that be the case, should your bracket be busted, we don’t believe that you should be precluded from betting on March Madness the rest of the way. What fun would that be? Right. So, at BetNow, we give you more ways to bet on the games that you want to bet on. 

Simply put, you can go and bet on each game this men’s basketball tournament just like you bet on them throughout the year. That means that you can bet on the spread, you can bet on the money line, you can bet on the over/under, and more. Indeed, with many of these games, you’ll be able to bet on who’s ahead at the end of the half, so that you can win throughout the game, too. 

See, these games, like the others at our site, have been handicapped by our professional handicappers. Thus, they know how to put a number on these games that’s reasonable, that gives you and other interested parties a real chance to win. Of course, you can bet on these basketball games through the entire tournament, from the First Four all the way through the Championship Game. 

We’ve had so many folks who saw their brackets get busted early eventually go on to make plenty of money throughout the tournament because they kept betting. It’s easy to get discouraged when one team goes down quickly in the tournament, but really, you can keep on winning the whole way through. 

Madness and More 

When March Madness is going on, it’s easy to fall into the madness, to feel like it’s all that’s going on in sports. But, there’s so much else going on, from the women’s tournament to the rush to the NBA and NHL playoffs, the start of baseball season, and so much more. We’re starting to get NFL Futures available, too. Good luck to you in the madness and anything else!