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Before March Madness Betting: Conference Tournaments

Before March Madness Betting: Are you fired up for March Madness 2023 betting but don’t want to have to wait for Selection Sunday? Do you want to know more about the teams that could be playing in the Madness while also winning some money? That’s what the conference tournaments are for. Here at BetNow, you’ll be able to bet on not just the finals of the conference tournaments, but all throughout them as well. 

These tournaments are, in a very real way, many teams’ last chance to get into the tournament, to show that they belong. By winning a few games in the tournament, teams on the bubble may be able to show the Selection Committee that they have what it takes. That said, there are teams that can’t get into the tournament unless they win their conference tournament. 

While that may sound like a longshot (and often is) it happens more often than you think. Here at BetNow, you’ll be able to bet all of these games and so much more. 

The Mid-Majors 

That’s what you’re going to see a lot of this week. During this, the second week of March (but still early in the month), you’re going to have a lot of the smaller conferences where the only team that has a real shot to get into the tournament is going to be the one that wins the tournament. While many of these teams may have great records, often, they don’t play the best competition. So, the one team from the conference that qualifies is the one who wins the conference. 

That said, this is a great opportunity for bettors. Why? Because, well, if you know a bit about basketball, you can make some real money, of course. But, also, the teams that get out of these conferences are going to be the ones that are in a real position to make some upsets. Think about if you had Saint Peter going deep last year, all the money you would have made. The same thing applies this year. You could find this year’s Saint Peter (or, you could rule them out, too). 

As of this writing, the mid-major conference games we’ve got this week include the Colonial Tournament (the CAA), the Horizon Tournament, the Summit League, the Big Sky, the West Coast Conference, the A10 (Atlantic 10), and others. 

March Madness Betting the Big Conferences 

As the Mid-Majors are playing their championship games, that’s around the time that the big conferences will be playing their quarterfinals, semi-finals, and more. The SEC, the ACC, the Big 10, the Pac 12, the Big 12, etc. Those are the conferences where many of the ranked teams are going to come out of. Yes, some of those teams are on the bubble and winning a few games in these tournaments can do wonders for their odds of making the Big Dance. 

That said, there are plenty of teams who are basically assured of getting into the tournament who want to use this time to be able to get a better ranking. They don’t want to be a ten seed, they want to be an eight or a seven. Maybe they’re still battling for a higher seed, a two, or even a one. The higher the seed you get, yes, the easier road you’re supposed to be able to have to the Final Four. That said, there are always ways to be tripped up. There are always upsets. That’s what makes the Madness so compelling. 

When The Madness Begins 

Once those brackets door, you’ll be able to find all of them right here at BetNow. Yes, you’ll be able to compete in our bracket contest. But, you’ll also be able to bet these College Basketball games in so many other ways, too: you can bet on them game by game, bet the first half, bet the money line, the odds, the over/under, and so much more. If there’s a way to bet on Madness, you’ll find it here at BetNow!