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NCAA – College Basketball Betting Odds

College basketball betting provides more lines than arguably any other sport. Bettors can enjoy success when engaging in NCAA basketball betting by simply learning how to read college basketball betting lines. Understanding that these betting lines are made by bookmakers in order to attract equal action for both sides can help betting fans know exactly which bets are the most auspicious. For example, college football programs like the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Duke Blue Devils, the Kansas Jayhawks, and the Villanova Wildcats do not create the most lucrative betting lines because of their public image. Whether they deserve it or not is beside the point; the fact remains that these schools always attract a considerable amount of money to their side.

As fans ponder college basketball betting lines, you might want to refrain from siding with these traditional powerhouses. The Duke Blue Devils and the Kansas Jayhawks have stellar reputations, but picking them straight up is not always the most lucrative option. In other words, you are sure to win if to put your money on them, but do not stand to earn a lot money on them. On the other hand, picking the underdog to beat the point spread or even making a wager on the totals line can often times produce more favorable results, as well as avoiding greater risks.

Another great NCAA basketball betting idea is to look at the ‘mid-major’ conferences to find the best value. Teams from the Mid American Conference usually generate some great options against the spread when playing out of conference matchups. The same logic applies to other, smaller conferences. Even if one contest does not have odds that you are comfortable with, there are so many games on the board that bettors are bound to find some profitable college basketball betting lines. Because there are so many college basketball games, fans can actually get a leg up over the bookmakers. It is practically impossible for anyone to keep track of over 250 teams and the sportsbooks are not an exception to this.

With this in mind, college basketball betting fans can choose to concentrate on a mid-major conference and actually get to learn more about the players and the teams than those creating the betting lines. With that knowledge fans can choose the betting lines they feel most comfortable with and take their betting action to the next level. In a nutshell, refrain from leaning toward the usual favorites, have a look at the so-called “smaller” conferences such as the MAC conference to find the best possible value, and remember that going with the underdog to beat the point spread or placing a wager on the totals can frequently lead to better results and without as much risk. Also keep in mind that it is not an exact science but as you go along and learn by experience you will surely pick up what works as well as avoid what does not work in order to make the most of your winning and lessen your losses.