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4 College Basketball Coaching Changes to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Posted by: Charlie Smith
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Heading towards the end of July, college basketball betting players know they’ve got a couple months to go before making their season predictions. However, that doesn’t mean that college basketball shouldn’t be on your mind. On the contrary, fans should be keeping up with the latest changings around the NCAA. This will undoubtedly result in better online betting predictions down the road. So, without further ado, here are 4 college basketball coaching changes to keep an eye on in 2018 season that are bound to impact the year’s action.

4 College Basketball Coaching Changes That Will Impact 2018

Dan Hurley || UConn

Lots of programs had their eye on Hurley during this offseason. Ultimately UConn stepped up and offered him a deal he couldn’t resist. Subsequently, the former Rhode Island coach is now tasked with revamping a program that has been faltering since 2014. That season saw UConn win the national championship but they haven’t been able to match that success since. In fact, last season’s 14-win performance as the worst the program has delivered since 1987.

Hurley’s coaching career has been nested in the Northeast. All in all, there aren’t too many coaches who have more knowledge of the area than Hurley. Since it only took Hurley two season to get Wagner to a coveted 25-6 record. Coming off consecutive seasons with 25 or more wins, UConn shouldn’t take too long turning things around.

Mike Davis || Detroit

This move didn’t get much coverage in the news. Mostly because Davis is coming from a lesser-known Texas Southern program. However, considering that he led them to a regular season championship or either a NCAA tournament appearance in each of his seasons there, it’s clear Detroit is picking up a talented man. Detroit has made the tournament just 6 times in their program’s history. But since the Horizon League is perennially up for grabs, they shouldn’t have too hard of time getting in this year.

Tom Crean || Georgia

Considering Tom Crean’s resume, it’s safe to say that Georgia will be making the NCAA Tournament in the next two years. This is because, for his career, Crean is averaging 19.7 victories per season and a tournament bid every other year. On top of that, Crean is delivering one tournament victory per appearance, not to mention one conference title every 6 years. Clearly Georgia has their eye on success and Crean is certainly the guy to get them there.

Penny Hardaway || Memphis

No doubt Hardaway is thrilled to snag a job so close to his hometown. And while there’s no guarantee Hardaway delivers the results Memphis is expecting, he’s already making quite a splash, without even coaching a single Division I game. This is very noticeable because sports betting players began to lose interest in Memphis last season. Testament to this is the fact that they sold just 4,115 season tickets – the worst ever in the program’s history. But now, with Hardaway in the mix, newspapers are projecting a massive $4.5 million boost in ticket sales. Hardaway has caused this splash by hiring some of the best coaches in the nation, earning him a spot on this list of 4 college basketball coaching changes to watch out for.