2018 Selection Sunday Info (Sportsbook Betting Preview)

Posted by: Mike Davis
2018 Selection Sunday - March Madness Betting Info

March Madness betting officially begins on the 2018 Selection Sunday. This date is significant because it is when the overseeing committee announces which 68 teams have made the cut for this year’s basketball tournament. This time around, Selection Sunday will be held on Sunday, March 11th. Let’s go over some pertinent information regarding the 2018 Selection Sunday.

2018 Selection Sunday Info || March Madness Important Dates

Stage Location Dates
Selection Sunday N/A March 11
First Four Dayton March 13-14
First/Second Pittsburgh March 15 & 17
First/Second Wichita March 15 & 17
First/Second Dallas March 15 & 17
First/Second Boise March 15 & 17
First/Second Charlotte March 16 & 18
First/Second Detroit March 16 & 18
First/Second Nashville March 16 & 18
First/Second San Diego March 16 & 18
Midwest Regional Omaha March 23 & 25
West Regional Los Angeles March 22 & 24
South Regional Atlanta March 22 & 24
East Regional Boston March 23 & 25
Final Four San Antonio March 31, April 2

Interestingly enough, the 2018 NCAA March Madness Selection Show, which is the first announcement of the matchups for this year’s tourney, has a new home. Specifically, the Selection Show will be aired on TBS. The two-hour special will be broadcast on March 11th. This will be the first glimpse of possible basketball bets to make.

While sportsbook betting players might be excited to get a glimpse at the March Madness matchups, the two-hour program has been unpopular ever since its inception back in 2016. Mostly because the now infamous leaking of the bracket practically ruined the lengthy show. However, to combat this, last season the committee decided to air the bracket first and then move into analysis. It’s more likely than not that this year’s special will follow this format.

For the show itself, fans can expect to see Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson host, while Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley, Seth Davis and Kenny Smith will tag along for analytical duties. This should put a smile on your face since it means we’ll get to see more of this hilarity. Make sure to tune in at 6 pm ET to catch all the laughs.

The Committee’s Hidden Hand

For those out of the loop, it is the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee that decides which teams make the tournament. They’re also responsible for determining the seeding and bracketing the field for March Madness. The committee is made up of 10 members. These members are school/conference administrators nominated by their own conference. Once nominated, the member will serve a 5-year term.

Although the committee may meet as early as November, the actual process of choosing the final bracket of 68 doesn’t happen until the Tuesday before Selection Sunday. Here the 10-members will meet to determine which teams make the cut. Additionally, they will determine their seed, and the general direction of the bracket. To do this, each member analysis a myriad of information. Then they make an acute observation as to which are the absolute best in the nation.

Picking, Voting, Seeding, Bracketing || 2018 Selection Sunday

Generally speaking, the process of choosing which teams make the cut tries to stick to the following principles:

  • Reach a “competitive balance” in each specific area (region) of the bracket
  • The 10-members choose the 36 best teams that are not automatic qualifiers for their conference’s at-large entries.
  • Committee members from a specific program shall not be present when discussing that program’s berth, seeding, or selection
  • Selected Members can only answer general, non-biased, factual questions about teams in the conference from which the member hails
  • No Member cannot vote for a program he represents
  • Members cannot vote for a team with an immediate family member on the team itself, is part of the coaching staff or the administration
  • All votes are secret

2018 Selection Sunday Preview Closing Tidbits

In short, that’s all there is to the 2018 Selection Sunday. While not as thrilling as the tournament itself, it’s still the earliest chance for bettors to size up some NCAA picks and parlays to make on this year’s tourney. Undeniably, BetNow has some great odds available for bettors looking to make some early predictions on this year’s NCAA tournament. Sign up now in order to take advantage of these lucrative odds!