Warriors Enter the Season as NBA Betting Favorites

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Golden State Warriors 2016 Season Favorites

The online NBA betting community can barely keep it together considering we are less than 15 days away from the official start of the 2016-17 NBA season. Last year’s season proved to be one for the record books and everyone is excited to see how well the Golden State Warriors will perform this time. Will the addition of Kevin Durant bring about more wins than the Warriors’ record breaking season? Can the Warriors win the title this time? Or will LeBron James lead his team to a repeat? These are the questions looming at the forefront of fans’ minds ahead of the season. In order to get some clarity into the likelihood of these events coming to fruition, let’s take a look at what kind of odds most basketball betting sites are throwing together for this year’s futures.

Odds to win 2016 – 2017 NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors -120
Cleveland Cavaliers +355
San Antonio Spurs +905
Boston Celtics +2850

While it’s not surprising to see the Warriors facing the easiest odds, it is surprising to see just how easy of a road the online NBA betting odds are predicting for the Warriors. Sure the Warriors made NBA history last season by becoming the best regular season team in the history of the league, but the fact that they failed to capitalize on their record breaking year has to tell you something about this team. They might have set the record for most wins in a season, but the record will always be blemished by the fact that they couldn’t go all the way. After all, no one ever remembers second place.

Either way, evident by the odds the Warriors are facing, the oddsmakers believe that Durant will make all the difference for the Warriors. Sure, Durant was the most coveted player during the offseason, and his move was ultimately all the talk of the town. But can one superstar make a difference for a team that was already loaded? In a sport like basketball, he very well could. Unlike football, basketball is a very player oriented sport. In football, you need all 11 players acting in unison for the play to be a success. In basketball, one player can tear apart an entire team, regardless of what schemes the other team’s coach is trying to implement. But still, the Warriors already had so much talent. Adding another superstar sounds great on paper, but will it actually pan out for Golden State?

The answer to this question lies in the Warriors preseason performance so far, and it’s safe to say the answer is a resounding yes. So far this preseason the Warriors have been annihilating their competition, including an 89-36 win over the Clippers. What has been most impressive about this squad is how quickly they are finding their rhythm. It took the Big Three in Miami nearly half a season to find their strut, and seeing the Warriors in groove so early is a sign of what’s ahead. Basically, fans can expect Golden State to dominate, and expect the online NBA betting odds to keep giving the Warriors love.