Warriors Disappoint on Opening Night

Posted by: Mike Davis
Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans on Friday, October 28th

On Tuesday, the online NBA betting officially kicked off as fans got their first look at several of this year’s futures favorites. Most notably, we got to see how strong the Golden State Warriors truly are. On opening night, the Golden State Warriors faced the San Antonio Spurs, and although the Spurs were without Tim Duncan, they still found a way to beat the team listed as the favorite across the best basketball betting sites.

Indeed there was a super team at the Oracle Arena on Tuesday, but it sure wasn’t the Golden State Warriors. The final score of the contest was 129-100, which goes to show you that the Spurs truly outclassed the Warriors. It seems that Golden State is still suffering from a hangover after failing to win last year’s finals. It’s almost mind-numbingly confusing to see a team that set NBA records last season lose in such a defiant manner. Especially when considering their offseason acquisition of Kevin Durant. Perhaps the Spurs are the better team, or perhaps the Warriors aren’t ready to live up to their hype. The Warriors had won their last 4 regular season openers, but that streak came to an abrupt end this past Tuesday.

With their win over the Warriors, the Spurs entered their new era on a high note. The loss of Duncan was tough for San Antonio, both on the court and in their hearts. Few players leave behind the legacy Duncan left, building a name for himself both on the court and within the community. To help fill the void left by Duncan, the Spurs brought in a younger Pau Gasol, a moved praised by online NBA betting critics. Gasol joined a squad consisting of Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, and LaMarcus Aldridge. Tuesday night, those 4 players played much better basketball than the league’s supposed super star team. With their win the Spurs boosted their NBA power ranking, and exposed the weaknesses surrounding Golden States superstar roster.

The Warriors will get another opportunity to prove they are the rightful online NBA betting favorites when they face the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday, October 28th. Luckily enough for fans looking to tune into this contest, the game will be broadcast on ESPN. The game will begin at 9:30 PM EST.

The Pelicans play the Denver Nuggets at home on Wednesday, and they’ll be facing Golden State at home as well. So despite the fact that the games are so close together, New Orleans should get plenty of rest before the matchup. New Orleans is coming off a devastating season that saw what many considered to be a playoff caliper team go 30-52. Even more disappointing is the fact that the Pelicans had to bid Bryce Dejean-Jones farewell as the athlete passed away at the young age of 23. The Pelicans will be opening the season with heavy hearts and hopefully they’ll be able to put on a show that would’ve made Dejean-Jones proud.