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Posted by: Charlie Smith
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards Online Betting – Thursday, November 9th

The 2017 basketball betting online season continues this Thursday with a flurry of matchups worth tuning in for. To be specific, there are a total of 5 different NBA matchups for fans to wager on Thursday night. There are some intriguing matchups, including the Houston Rockets hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Oklahoma City Thunder taking on the Denver Nuggets on the road. But out of all 5 matchups this evening, the one with perhaps the most intriguing storyline has to be this evening’s pairing between the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards.

NBA betting players will recall the debacle that LaVar Ball mounted the first time these two faced each other. Specifically, Ball called out John Wall, hyping up the drama between Wall and his son Lonzo Ball. This was earlier on in the season, a few games after Patrick Beverley bullied Wall for an entire game. Ball’s father stated that his son would get the best of Wall – something many of didn’t believe was possible. However, the added attention ended up throwing Wall of his game. Simply put, he overexerted himself and did not deliver his best performance. But now, this evening, Wall will get an opportunity to redeem that performance. With a cooler-head, and the struggles Los Angeles have been undergoing, Wall should have himself a big night against the league’s most recognizable rookie. Let’s take a look at what the NBA odds sportsbooks are predicting for this evening’s pairing.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Washington Wizards – Thursday, November 9th

When: 7:00 pm ET

Where: Verizon Center, Washington D.C.

TV: Local Broadcasts

Stream: NBA League Pass

Basketball Betting Online Odds:

Los Angeles Lakers +10 ½ (-110)     219 ½ (-110)   +425

Washington Wizards -10 ½ (-110)   219 ½ (-110)   -550

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers come into this evening’s matchup flashing a losing 5-6 record on the year. Those who followed LaVar’s egregious comments in the preseason know that Ball’s father promised that Los Angeles would go 15-5 through 20 games. With 11 games under their belt, the franchise is pretty far off that 15-5 mark. Nevertheless, Los Angeles, who rank 11th in the Western Conference, still has a chance of making the playoffs. But if things don’t change, there’s no way the Lakers will make the postseason cut this year.

There’s no beating around the bush, most of the Lakers’ problems are centered around Lonzo. Sure, LA wasn’t that great of a team last season and there wasn’t much reason to expect a real turnaround in 2017. But we were promised a real turnaround from Magic Johnson, the man calling the shots for the Lakers, and Ball’s father. So far, we’ve gotten a rookie who seems either under-confident or unmotivated to be the leader this team needs. And all the off the court hype is only turning the rest of the Lakers against their supposed leader. The basketball betting online community is already starting to see glimpses of disdain in the Lakers’ locker room so it wouldn’t be that surprising if things start unraveling fast now.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards enter this evening’s matchup flashing a 5-5 record that ranks them 2nd in Southeast Division and 7th in the Eastern Conference. The big thing to keep an eye out for this evening will be Wall trying to redeem his first matchup versus Ball as well as Bradley Beal; the man leading the Wizards in points with his 25.4 average.