How to use Insider Secrets for NBA Betting

Posted by: Charlie Smith
How to use Insider Secrets for NBA Betting

The online NBA betting season is all about making predictions. More often than not, predicting the outcome of professional sports can prove to be an onerous affair. But what if there were some underlying factors that made some contests more predictable than others. What if there were some symptoms, that those with the eye for, could point to and defiantly predict the outcome of the game. What if sleep played a major part in the performance of professional athletes?

That’s certainly how Doc Rivers feels about the NBA season, and the reason for River’s conviction can be traced back to the 2011 season. This was the age of the Big Three in Boston, where Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett were consistently leading Boston to the playoffs (and even a title in 2008). Boston was sitting comfortably with a 35-10 record, and had just won 7 of their past 8 games. Next up for the Celtics were the Phoenix Suns, a team struggling with a 20-24 record. Understandably, the online NBA betting odds were predicting a blowout.

But from the opening tip, the Celtics were stumbling in a notable fashion. Garnett attempts a pass to no one, and then gets thrown out of the game for taking his frustration out on a Suns’ player. The Celtics would finish with the worst shooting percentage of the season, 34.2%, and Phoenix steamrolled Boston 88-71. Tensions were high and before the game concluded even Doc Rivers earned himself an ejection. Watching the game unfold from the visiting team’s locker room, the head coach can’t help but wonder if the entire team is struggling with a hangover. But in this moment of darkness, a ray of clarity emerged from a seemingly unexpected place.

Ed Lacerte may be an unknown to the online NBA betting community, but Celtics fans will recognize his as the team’s longtime trainer. As soon as the game with the Suns concluded, Lacerte knew exactly what to say. Lacerte approached Rivers and very dutifully advised Rivers to see the sleep doctor.

The doctor Lacerte was referring to is none other than Charles Czeisler, director of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, whom Rivers had sought advice from before the season began. Specifically, Rivers asked Lacerte if there were any ‘red flags’ on Boston’s schedule, or game that seemed troubling. The one game Lacerte pointed out above all others was the game against Phoenix. The reason Lacerte found the game troubling was because the Celtics had to go from Boston to Portland, and then to Phoenix, within 3 days of each other. With so much displacement across so many time zones in so little time, Lacerte knew this was game would spell trouble. Lacerte advised Rivers that his team would be playing like they were drunk, and indeed that was exactly what Rivers saw.

Since that day Rivers has made it a priority to keep his players well rested. But it’s no secret around the league that the schedule can screw you over. It’s what some coaches refer to as ‘scheduled losses’. So what do gambling fans do with this information? Well they should find the games that favor one team in particular, and then head to be best basketball betting sites to cash in on some insider knowledge.

Cheri Mah, sleep consultant for professional basketball teams and researcher at UC San Francisco Human Performance Center, has devised a formula to help identify trouble spots for teams. Last season, her formulas amassed an astounding 78% accuracy. So what does she predict for this season? Take a look. (Mah’s formulas create a grading system, the higher the ‘Mah’ score the more problematic the game).
1. 8.5 Mah Score for the Hornets in their game against the Pistons on 11/29
2. 8.5 Mah Score for the Lakers in their game against the Grizzlies on 12/3
3. 9.5 Mah Score for the Bulls in their game against the Pistons on 12/6
4. 8.5 Mah Score for the Warriors in their game against the Timberwolves on 12/11
5. 8.5 Mah Score for the Nuggets in their game against the Spurs on 2/4
6. 8.5 Mah Score for the Wizards in their game against the Trail Blazers on 3/11
7. 8.5 Mah Score for the Trail Blazers in their game against the Spurs on 3/15