Two Factors Will Determine NBA Sports Odds in Games 3 & 4

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Games 3 & 4 Factors Will Determine NBA Sports Odds

The Cleveland Cavaliers will take to the court this Wednesday night with the NBA sports odds against them, in an effort to try and pull a miracle out of thin air. In the first two games of the series, the Cavs have made a respectable push in the first quarter. Nevertheless, in each game, the Warriors took the best shot Cleveland could deliver right on the chin, and each time it was Golden State who came out with the lead in the first quarter, as well as in the last.

So, as the series heads back to Cleveland, what could we possible have to look forward to? More Golden State dominance? After all, the Warriors have had no problem dealing with the best Cleveland has thrown their way, why would things be any different on the Cavs’ turf? Nevertheless, sports betting sites are giving Cleveland a little more breathing room at the Quicken Loans Arena.

Game 3 – Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Wed., June 8th 

When: 9:00 pm ET

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland

Series: Warriors Lead 2-0


Stream: ABC GO

NBA Sports Odds:

Golden State Warriors -3 ½ (-110)  226 ½ (-110)   -167

Cleveland Cavaliers +3 ½ (-110)      226 ½ (-110)   +147

Although the Warriors are still the favorites, players who bet on basketball games online can clearly see that the odds aren’t ruling Cleveland out at home – something that was entirely untrue on the road. Clearly the odds makers believe there will be vital factors that could affect the series, something for players to keep an eye out for in Game 3 & 4.

Will the Home Court Aid the Cavs Defense?

Ultimately this is what will determine if the Warriors manage to stay undefeated on their way to the title. Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, the stats make it seem like Cleveland is wildly outclassed.

Following the All-Star break, Cleveland has ranked penultimate in league defense. Additionally, the Cavaliers’ lackluster defense has scraped by thus far in the playoffs, since their past two series were against teams missing their best offensive threat. The Toronto Raptors had to contend without Kyle Lowry and the Boston Celtics lost Isaiah Thomas to an injury.

Will Durant be His Own Worst Enemy?

Mind games played a big role in last year’s NBA Finals. It was clear that the Warriors were becoming highly irate as the season wore on. Kevin Durant wasn’t a part of that team and didn’t earn any experience when Golden State blew their 3-1 lead.

Even this year, which has been relatively stress-free thus far, Durant has stated that he plays best when he doesn’t think. “But I figured out if I just don’t think at all, that’s when I’m best,” Durant told reporters, stating that he is prone to overthinking things on the court.

The best way for the NBA sports odds to swing back in Cleveland’s favor is for the Cavs to try to throw Durant off his game. How can they do that? My making it impossible for Golden State to win in Cleveland. But will they succeed in this endeavor? Unlikely.