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Taking A Sportsbook Look at Future NBA Trade News

Posted by: Mike Davis
Future NBA Trade News

We’re a couple of months away from the NBA betting online season. Naturally, NBA bettors are using the small window we have before the season commences to stay up to date with all the latest happenings around the league. But since the Golden State Warriors are still loaded as all hell, and the Eastern Conference has been gutted for all intents and purposes, NBA pundits feel like this upcoming season will be extremely predictable. Subsequently, most future NBA trade news is focusing on the 2019 offseason. And while that offseason may be a long ways off, there are still a handful of bubbling stories that are quite enthralling. Let’s take an NBA sports betting look.

Future NBA Trade News || 2019 NBA Offseason

Kevin Durant to New York?

Kevin Durant is currently part of the team that is projected to win the NBA this upcoming season. But after that, Durant is schedule to become a free agent. And considering what he brings to the table, there’s no question he’ll be the hottest free agent on the block. The Golden State Warriors and Durant currently make it seem like Durant will undoubtedly re-sign with the team. However, there’s not much legacy in staying in Golden State and winning NBA titles with a star-studded cast. Going to New York and winning a title there however, is another story.

Technically Durant signed a two-year deal with the Warriors this past Summer. But with a player option in the second year, many NBA pundits foresee Durant hitting the market next spring. The deal he just signed helped Golden State loosen up some cap space. But moving forward, Durant could have his eye on a more lucrative offer. Ultimately Golden State will either cut some of their other starters to give Durant what he earns. Or, Durant will be sailing for higher seas.

One team that has made a splash in this conversation is the New York Knicks. Rumor has it that New York is banking on NBA All-Star Kristaps Porzingis being enough to convince Durant to hop ship. That and the multitude of zeros they’ll be flashing at Durant. New York would likely become a title contender after the move but judging from Durant’s own comments, it’s looking like he wants to stay in Golden State.

Kyrie Irving out of Boston

Another player that could be striving for a max deal in the 2019 offseason is Kyrie Irving. Irving joined the Boston Celtics via trade for a variety of undisclosed reasons. Nevertheless, most NBA betting online players feel like Irving left Cleveland simply because he had grown tired of LeBron James’ antics. Truthfully this seems the most likely scenario. After all, we’ve all seen highlights of James berating both his coach and teammates. That kind of negativity can get old after a while.

As most NBA betting sites are reporting, rumors have circulated that the Los Angeles Lakers could be one team to offer Irving the kind of money he wants. No doubt the Los Angeles area is appealing to a player like Irving. However, when accounting for the aforementioned bad blood between Irving and James, then this move looks like it will never come to fruition. So much for that future NBA trade news, it’s looking like cell phone betting fans will have to guess where Irving ends up.