All-Star Online NBA Betting Omissions

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
All-Star Online NBA Betting Omissions

Most online NBA betting fans have been keeping a casual eye on Joel Embiid’s, the Philadelphia 76ers’ stud of a center, unrivaled social media persona. In an age where even the president has an intense social media presence, Embiid’s savvy antics are in a league of their own, leading some sportsbook analysts to hail the 76ers’ center as the NBA’s next lovable big man, filling the much needed void left by the departure of Shaquille O’Neal.

Earlier this season, Embiid consistently made headlines for his humorous obsession with Rihanna, something Embiid shares with most fans who bet on basketball games. Embiid’s Rihanna obsession began when the young star tweeted that he was trying to woo a famous girl before she shut him down stating ‘come back when you’re an All-Star’.

The sharp denial was enough to motivate Embiid to start an online NBA betting social media campaign to secure his All Star nomination. Embiid began by informing us that his celebrity crush was indeed Rihanna and that the singer was seriously considering his offer – just as long as he became an All-Star. Embiid began to tweet at Rihanna and provided a hearty laugh to his followers by sharing photos of his with Rihanna cropped into the image. Eventually, Rihanna validated Embiid’s antics by following the NBA superstar and even retweeting some of his posts. Because of all the publicity, most sportsbook fans were looking forward to voting for Embiid in order to secure his date with one of the most famous, beautiful, talented women on the planet. However, the NBA’s recent change to the All-Star voting rules would guarantee Embiid’s snub from the All-Star roster.

Previously, online NBA betting fans had all the say in who would make the All-Star roster. But in an effort to avoid an electoral embarrassment, the league decided to cut back the fans’ say and give some voting power to the media and the players. In the end, fans’ voting would constitute just 50% of the All-Star voting ballots, the players’ would each receive one vote tallying to 25% of the results, and then a panel of media members would reserve the remaining 25%. But did the change in voting result in a better, more efficient system?

Well, looking over the reception of this year’s All-Star roster, it’s clear that there are mixed reviews. In the Eastern Conference, Kylie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jimmy Butler received the nomination. In the Western Conference Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Anthony Davis each earned All-Star starting honors. However, the biggest snub and largest point of controversy revolves around the fact that Russell Westbrook did not receive a nomination.

While most sportsbook fans will be upset that the lovable Embiid was not successful in his quest to court Rihanna, all fans will be outraged at the fact that Westbrook is not an All-Star starter. Westbrook is currently averaging a triple-double for the season, something that has only been accomplished once before in NBA sportsbook history. There are still plenty of games left in the season, but it’s more than likely that Westbrook will accomplish the legendary feat. How someone can make NBA history and be omitted from All-Star ranks will befuddle anyone with a brain.