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Spurs Outlook this NBA Betting Season

NBA betting fans are still responding to the news of Tim Duncan’s retirement. After spending 19 historic seasons in the NBA, Duncan is finally ready to move on. One of the most remarkable aspects of Duncan’s career is the fact that he spent he spent all 19 years with the same organization, under the guidance of the same coach – Gregg Popovich. This benchmark becomes even more exceptional in the wake of Durant’s move to Golden State. During his time with the Spurs Duncan became a league MVP twice, NBA Finals MVP three times, and was a 15-time all-star. The Spurs won the NBA title five times thanks Duncan’s continued efforts on the court. In addition to bringing home titles Duncan is beloved by San Antonio fans for his commitment to the organization, taking less money on several occasions to help the franchise solidify. Duncan is now 40 years old and after an accomplished career he is ready to walk off the court for the last time. Now, the Spurs have to close the chapter on Duncan’s legacy and prepare for what the future holds.

The Spurs are coming off a successful regular season, coming close to beating the franchise record for regular season wins. San Antonio has been successful for the last decade and throughout the last several years they’ve been able to establish themselves as one of the most dominant defenses within the NBA. A monument to this is the fact that Kawhi Leonard was Defensive Player of the Year last season, making that two consecutive years that he’s been awarded the honor. San Antonio’s offense was among the best in the league during the regular season. However, their inability to transfer that success into the postseason cost them the series against the Thunder.

With Duncan’s departure the Spurs are preparing to rebuild. Luckily enough for them they already have two young stars to lead them along the way. Leonard’s awards speak volumes about his defensive capabilities and in recent years his offense has been improving to be on par. Aldridge will be returning for his second year and his play style will be a great compliment to Leonard’s. Coupled with San Antonio’s veteran talent and established defensive scheme these two young stars should help ease the Spurs transition into the future.

Heading into next season San Antonio has no shortage of veterans. With the likes of Tony Parker, Danny Green, and Manu Gionbili this team’s greatest strength is its experience. In the aftermath of Duncan’s retirement San Antonio has elected to bring along Pau Gasol. While Gasol’s play has declined in the last couple years he should still be more than enough to help fill the void left by Duncan’s departure. Gasol’s arrival came at a steep price costing San Antonio both David West and Boris Diaw. These losses in addition with Gasol’s asking price might raise some eyebrows from NBA betting fans. However, their losses shouldn’t be blown out of proportion, Diaw was benched during the playoffs and West displayed serious shortcomings in his game during the losses to the Thunder.

With the retirement of Duncan the NBA is forced to say goodbye to the best coach-player tandem in NBA history. No other combination of player and coach has won more games than Duncan and Popovich. Together their victories amount to a staggering 1,001. But with his retirement the Spurs look to open up a new chapter. They have young talent to help them along the way and with the proven management sportsbook users and NBA betting enthusiasts can be certain the Spurs will be back on top soon enough.