Sportsbook Fans Receive Kiss from a Rose

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Derrick Rose to Knicks fans

There are many reasons for an online betting NBA prediction to go sour; injuries, a fluke play, or even a choke. But one thing that is never seen in professional sports is a player simply choosing to not show up to the game. Well it just so happens that that is what sportsbook fans who picked the Knicks over the Pelicans are facing. Before that game began, the bookies had New York pegged as the team most worthy of your bet on NBA games. However, since Derrick Rose decided to show up for the contest, the Pelicans were able to deliver an upset over New York that indubitably affected the pockets of some bettors.

After the Chicago Bulls traded the former MVP to the New York Knicks, Rose should have gotten some indication about how rare an opportunity playing in a professional sports league truly is. Rose didn’t leave Chicago on the worst on terms, but it certainly wasn’t on the best either. Needless to say, Rose’s transition to New York would be under the scrutiny of the entire online NBA betting community and what we saw this past Monday night was disappointing to say the least.

When the New York Knicks took the court on Monday night, they had to announce that Brandon Jennings would be starting as point guard against the Pelicans. Not because usual starter Derrick Rose was injured but rather because Rose was absent from the club’s facilities. The most interesting part of Rose’s absence was that neither his teammates, close associates, nor Knicks officials had any inkling as to the location of their star player. Additionally, it was reported that the Knicks had not been in contact with Rose by the time the game began. The Knicks, rightfully so, began to worry about the safety of their star player before sending someone to Rose’s apartment to check on the players wellbeing.

Without Rose in the lineup, the Knicks would go on to lose the contest against the Pelicans 110-96. Brandon Jennings finished the game with 20 points. Undoubtedly, sportsbooks and online betting NBA fans are disappointed that Rose’s absence negatively affected New York’s performance and ultimately led to their loss.

Obviously family matters come before all else, and that is understandable in every definition of the word. However, the real cause for concern is not that Rose left the team to attend to family matters – which Rose did confirm on Tuesday when talking with reporters back at the team’s facility, but rather his unwillingness to contact his employers and inform them of the situation.

Since Rose did not elaborate on what exactly it was that caused him to abandon his post, we cannot ascertain as to whether he was in the right or in the wrong. However, it should be noted that both the Knicks’ general manager and head coach heard Rose’s excuse and found it satisfactory. Some speculated that Rose’s departure was motivated by his recent displeasure with the Knicks’ front office but Rose quickly denied those notions. All sportsbook fans can do now is refrain from picking a team with Rose as a starter on betting lines.