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Sports Betting Players Worried About Refs Ahead of Game 5

With the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup this past weekend, the sports betting drama has now fallen on the shoulders of the Golden State Warriors. This past week, the Warriors had an opportunity to carve their names into the online NBA betting history books by becoming the first team to win the title with an undefeated postseason record. Nevertheless, this year’s NBA favorites let that opportunity slip through their fingers and in doing so have opened the door for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Game 4’s Results Bring Similar Terrain

It’s no secret that the NBA has had a game-fixing problem in the past. The way Game 4 went down left plenty of room for speculation from conspiracy theorists who have a hunch that the practice is still alive and well in the NBA. Which is a shame, considering that the Cavs just played their best game of the series.

In the first quarter, the refs seemed to call a foul on everyone from Oakland. Then, to try and not make it seem so obvious, the refs proceeded to call every possible thing they could for both teams, in an effort to dissimulate their obvious effort to influence the game.

In case there’s any doubt about the invisible hand guiding the game, one only needs to look at the scrum involving Draymond Green. For starters, there isn’t a single textbook rule that states curse words are grounds for a technical, and there isn’t anything about wailing arms either. However, the refs still felt that they needed to address Green’s antics and gave him a tec early in the game. Later on in the contest, Green tried to break up a pass but instead drew a foul, his second technical of the night.

Realizing that the second technical would’ve led to Green’s expulsion, the refs decided to backtrack on their decisions. The refs decided to say that the first technical, which everyone who witnessed the game both in person and on television unanimously agreed was called on Green, was actually called on Steve Kerr. Retroactively changing a foul so that a player doesn’t get expelled is arguably a clear example of referees interfering in both the game and the series overall. Especially when the official scoresheet clearly indicated that the first foul had been called on Green. Had Green been ejected, the online NBA betting community would’ve certainly been suspicious, given how last year’s series turned out.

There’s no denying that there was some funny business in Game 4. In the first half, everyone was convinced that the refs were rooting for Cleveland. However, in the second half, the opposite seemed true. While both sides will go back and forth trying to decipher who the refs were actually trying to help, one thing is clear: Game 4’s refs were atrocious and should never referee a game. Ever.

Game 5 – Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors – Monday, June 12th

When: 9:00 pm ET

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland

Series: Warriors Lead 3-1


Stream: ABC GO

NBA Sports Odds:

Cleveland Cavaliers +8 ½ (-110)      230 ½ (-110)   +270

Golden State Warriors -8 ½ (-110)  230 ½ (-110)   -330

With Game 4 behind us, the series now returns to Oakland. The NBA sports odds have once again painted the Warriors as favorites to win, but the online NBA betting community isn’t as sure. Golden State is the only team in NBA history to blow a 3-1 lead, and Game 4’s results have allowed doubt to creep into the Warriors’ minds. Throw in some atrocious calling on behalf of the refs, and things could get tricky from here on out.