Ranking the Best Small Forwards this NBA Betting Season

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NBA Ranking Players

Now that the online NBA betting season has officially started, all that preseason talk regarding the draft, trades, and free agency acquisitions can finally be compared to the actual results. With the critics turning their attention to the actual games, it will be up to the players to do all the talking. Whether their game will reflect positively or negatively remains to be seen.

But before the games start racking up and the results become undeniable, we still have plenty to assess. After all, this was one busy offseason. Everything from grading a team’s free agency or to season previews, there’s more to analyze than one would care to. But before we open up the floodgates on the rest of the online NBA betting season, let’s take some time for some good old player rankings.

Player rankings are generally subjective, but they still provide a good rule of thumb when assessing the NBA’s best talents. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the NBA’s best small forwards ahead of the 2016-17 season.

1. LeBron James
After watching King James lead his team to an NBA Finals victory over the winningest team in NBA history, is this even really a debate? Ending Cleveland’s 52-year drought was no easy task, and afterwards no one can criticize James for not winning one with Cleveland. In the Cavs 2016 opener, James made sure to put on a show to let online NBA betting fans know exactly what kind of player he is by earning a triple double on 9/14 shooting in just 32 minutes. If James can continue to play like this for the rest of the season, he might just end up winning MVP.

2. Kevin Durant
Besides the work ethic Durant brings to the Warriors, he also brings an incredible set of talents. Even though Durant wasn’t able to lead Golden State to a win in their opener, his 21-point, 10 rebound, 4 assist, two steals, two block performance should be enough to answer questions about how talented Durant truly is. With Durant in the mix, you can expect the Warriors to flock to the top of the best basketball betting sites, just as soon as they find their rhythm.

3. Kawhi Leonard
Of course, we have to feature someone on this list that was a part of the team that upset the Warriors in their opener. In that game against the Warriors, Leonard was on fire, but we’ll still need a couple more mind-blowing performances before we bump him up this list. With Leonard in the mix, things are looking up for the Spurs in their post-Duncan era.

4. Paul George
Paul George has stated that his goal for this season is to win the MVP award. Although his November numbers from last season reflect an MVP caliper player, George was unable to elevate his play to that level for the rest of the season. Whether or not George will win the award remains to be seen, but that’s irrelevant for this list; George is already one of the four best small forwards in the NBA.

5. Jimmy Butler
Butler is a shooting guard at heart, but like others, Butler will need to play out of position for the sake of the team. Surrounded by Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade, Chicago will need Butler to play out of position. Butler has been matching up with the other names on this list for a while now, so switching to small forward should be no problem. In fact, he’ll be one of the best.