Questions Every NBA Fan Should Consider

Posted by: Mike Davis
NBA 2016-17 Season

The online NBA betting season keeps on inching nearer and nearer every day. It’s safe to say that fans, players, and coaches alike are starting to feel a combination of both excitement and anxiety as the season is draws nearer. From what we’ve seen this offseason, this year’s regular season could turn out to be one for the record books. As players are finishing up the preseason, there are still some questions looming at the forefront of even the best teams. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest questions facing the NBA’s best teams.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Are they getting too old?

LeBron James may be what many consider to be the best player in the NBA, but he’s also starting to get up there in age. James will be 31 years old when he steps onto the court later this month, one year older than Michael Jordan was when he retired. Most professional basketball players retire in their mid-30s, so James could have a couple years left. Whether he’ll be able to play at the top of his game remains to be seen. But it’s not just James who’s getting up there in age. Richard Jefferson will be 36-years old when the Cavs play their first game. Mike Dunleavy, Cleveland’s offseason acquisition, is only a couple months younger than Jefferson. Chris Andersen is the oldest on the roster coming in at 38, but Channing Frye isn’t young either considering he’s 33. Despite the old age, most basketball betting sites are giving the Cavs decent odds for a repeat. Just don’t be surprised if they pace themselves through the regular season.

Golden State Warriors

Will Durant be enough?

This is basically the only question facing the Warriors this season. After setting an NBA record for most regular season wins, yet failing to win a title; what else could Golden State be asking? We’ve seen overpowered teams get off to a hot start (2007-08 Boston Celtics), we’ve seen others take some time to find their strut (2010-11 Miami Heat), and we’ve also seen some teams completely fall apart (2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers). If the Warriors’ preseason performance is any indication of things to come, then Golden State will certainly be online NBA betting favorites throughout the entire season.

San Antonio Spurs

What kind of impact will the loss of Tim Duncan have on San Antonio?

The online NBA betting odds have the Spurs pegged as the 3rd favorites to win the title this year. Obviously all eyes will be on San Antonio to see how well they transition after losing the best player in the history of their franchise. But most critics believe that Duncan’s loss won’t affect the franchise too much, considering how little playing time Duncan was seeing these past years. Either way, we’ll have to see how the loss of Duncan, the Boris Diaw trade, and the addition of Pau Gasol will pan out for San Antonio. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be here to analyze the aftermath.