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Previewing Cavs-Knicks Opening Day Matchup

The online NBA betting odds are giving the Cleveland Cavaliers the second best odds for winning this year’s title. The Cavs probably would have gotten the best odds, had it not been for the fact that Cleveland has some of the oldest players in the league. That, and the fact that the Golden State Warriors have more superstars than one can care to count. The Cavs and the Warriors are going to be most betting fans pick for this year’s futures, and it’ll be interesting if either team can live up to those expectations. Both teams will get a chance to strut their stuff on opening night. The Cavaliers will be taking to the court first when they face the New York Knicks.

The Knicks and the Cavs will lock horns on Tuesday, October 25th at 8:00 pm EST. As is tradition, the reigning Champions will begin the season with home field advantage. This will be the first opportunity that the Cavaliers will get to demonstrate to the online NBA betting community that they are the best team in the NBA and are the rightful defending champs. The Knicks will do their best to compete with one of the best teams in the NBA, but, they currently have their hands full with some off the court issues.

Derrick Rose, the player the Knicks traded for in the offseason, is currently facing an ongoing trial regarding gang rape accusations. The woman, who is referring to herself as Jane Doe, is claiming that Rose, Ryan Allen, a friend of Rose, and Rose’s personal assistant Randall Hampton, all conspired to drug and rape the young woman while she was visiting Derek Rose’s home. Whether the allegations are true or not remain to be seen, but one thing is for certain. Rose and his friends did engage in group sex with the young woman. The only thing being debated is whether or not the sex was consensual. This is certainly not the kind of news that you want to generate when you’re relocating to a new team and fans can only begin to imagine what is running through the mind of New York’s management. No matter the case, New York will do their best to prove themselves on opening day and perhaps even convince some basketball betting sites of pegging them as favorites later on in the season.

A big part to finding continued success in the NBA is bringing in new talent. However, this offseason, Cleveland was surprisingly quiet. They have every right to be considering they just won the title, but we’ll see how it pans out. This year’s squad will basically be the same as last year’s, except for being one year older. The online NBA betting odds think they’ll get it done, but there are some doubters.

On the other hand, the Knicks have been much louder this offseason. In addition to trading for Rose they also acquired Justin Holiday and Joakim Noah. However, they did have to part ways with Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams who have signed elsewhere.