Philadelphia 76ers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Betting Preview

Posted by: Mike Davis
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves – Tuesday, Dec. 12th

Basketball betting online players have a great Philadelphia 76ers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves matchup to bet on this evening. Both the 76ers and Timberwolves are vying for a spot in this year’s playoffs, but there’s no denying the fact that Minnesota is currently better off, not to mention the fact that they’re the only team coming into this Tuesday night matchup riding a winning streak. Let’s take a look at the action NBA bookmakers have thrown together for players looking to rack up some 2 team teasers.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves – Tuesday, Dec. 12th

When: 9:30 pm ET

Where: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Stream: Watch ESPN, NBA League Pass

Basketball Betting Online Odds:

Philadelphia 76ers TBP

Minnesota Timberwolves TBP

 Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers come into this evening’s matchup sporting a disappointing 13-13 record that ranks Philadelphia 3rd in the Atlantic Division. Furthermore, with that record, Philly is ranked 9th overall in the Eastern Conference. At the current time, the 76ers are several games behind the division-leading 23-6 Boston Celtics.  However, with just a couple of wins Philadelphia will be able to crack the playoff cut. There’s no question that the 76er have the talent to get the job done, they just have to find a way to execute. The basketball betting online odds have yet to come out for this inter-conference matchup. But considering the difference in both teams’ records, bettors can expect them to the away team in this Philadelphia 76ers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves matchup.

Anyone who has been following this year’s NBA wagering season has come across the slogan ‘trust the process’. The phrase refers to Philly’s willingness to turn in poor season, in order to snag a high draft spot. Ultimately, the franchise was banking on multiple poor season to lead to a breakout year in the hope that a dynasty would emerge. We’ll still waiting on that breakout year. However, with a roster consisting of; Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and JJ Reddick, there’s no one questioning the talent of this Philly squad.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves charge into this Tuesday night contest flashing a 16-11 record that ranks Minnesota 1st in the Northwest Division. Additionally, that above-average ranks Minnesota 4th in the Western Conference. At this instant, the 21-4 Houston Rockets lead the West followed by the 22-6 Golden State Warriors. Despite being several games behind both of those franchises, it’s still feasible for the Timberwolves to catch up to them considering how much time is still left in the regular season. Notwithstanding the differences in talents between those three, the Timberwolves had a rough road ahead of them if they are to catch either of those franchises.

NBA odds sportsbook players tuning in for this Tuesday night pairing should keep an eye out for Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns currently leads the team in points as he’s averaging 20.1 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per matchup. Secondly, Jimmy Butler is No. 2 in points per game. Butler is currently draining 19.0 points, as well as 5.5 rebounds and 4.8 assists. These two need a big performance this evening in order to pull off a win over the talented 76ers.