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Online NBA Betting Previews Title Contenders

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2017/18 Online NBA Betting Title Contenders

The online NBA betting offseason has given way to a fair share of surprises. Seeing Kyrie Irving, one of the most talented players in the world, depart from Cleveland was the first bombshell we came across. Several weeks down the line, and we still have no definitive reason as to why Irving left LeBron, all we have is our speculation. However, most NBA sportsbook players believe that Irving made the questionable move to alienate himself from a player he perceived to be self-centered and selfish. We saw something similar last season.

But Irving’s departure was the first of a flood of bombshells we saw this past offseason.  Another equally surprising move was seeing Paul George and Carmelo Anthony sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder, finally giving Russell Westbrook some help across the court. Then, the Cavs went out and signed themselves Dwayne Wade – the man LeBron won a couple titles with.

It goes without saying that there are several intriguing headlines leading up this year’s 2017 online NBA betting season. Obviously, the one question we want answered is who will win the title when it’s all said and done. Let’s take a gander at the odds NBA wagering sites are currently giving the biggest title contenders.

Boston Celtics +1100

The Celtics were but three wins short of making an NBA Finals appearance. One of the biggest factors in Boston’s failure to get the job done was the injury suffered by star player Isaiah Thomas. Nonetheless, the point is that the Celtics are not a team rebuilding. Yet, they have only 4 players returning from last year’s roster.

However, it’s no understatement that the 2017 Celtics are a revamped squad. Thomas is out of the picture, instead the Celts have brought in Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving in free agency. They also picked up Jayson Tatum by trading up the draft. With this roster, most online NBA betting fans feel like a 1st place finish in the Atlantic Division is a guarantee for Boston. But will they be able to top the Cavs?

Cleveland Cavaliers +510

Irving’s out but it doesn’t feel like Cleveland got any worse. How could they? They’ve brought in Dwayne Wade, one of LeBron’s closest friends and a heck of a baller in his own right, Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder. Isaiah Thomas also joined Cleveland but with his injury still lingering, we can’t be certain what level his play will be. King James now has the pieces to be the beast in the East and NBA sportsbooks think they’ll get it done.

Golden State Warriors -230

Not much needs to be said about the Warriors: they’re just too talented of a team. It’s nearly impossible to figure out a way to beat this team and having fatigue on your side is essentially the only clear cut way. If you defend the 3-pointers, Durant will beat you to the rim. If you defend the paint, the Warriors will make it rain from outside. But maybe, just maybe, a ticked off Russell Westbrook will be able to get the job done.

Oklahoma City Thunder +1800

Westbrook is this year’s online NBA betting MVP. There’s no denying that the Thunder’s superstar is a force to be reckoned with, but he can’t do it all. Fortunately for him, Oklahoma City just picked up some notable additions; Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. This is an interesting combination because, during his whole career, Melo has been criticized for his unwillingness to play defense. But George and Westbrook can essentially neutralize any offense. In other words, Melo won’t have to play anything other than offense. If that’s not scary I don’t know what is.