Online NBA Betting Impact Durant’s Injury Will Have

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Online NBA Betting Impact Durant’s Injury Will Have

When history repeats itself, people tend to become irate. Sometimes history repeating itself can be a good thing, like seeing another totalitarian regime fall to the people, it can also bring about unfortunate circumstances. That is the situation the Golden State Warriors found themselves in Wednesday morning when news first broke of Kevin Durant’s injury.

Online NBA betting fans witnessed the Warriors fall to the Wizards in Washington earlier this week, and in that same contest sportsbook players witnessed Pachulia falling on Durant. That spill resulted in a Grade 2 MCL sprain for the former MVP, as well as a tibial bone bruise in his left knee.

An injury can sideline even the best teams in the playoffs and Golden State knows this better than anyone. In fact, most basketball betting sites would argue that injuries are the very reason that the Warriors sought out Durant this past offseason.

Sportsbook fans who bet on Golden State last NBA playoffs, held their breath during the first couple rounds of the playoffs, as the Warriors had to contend with a banged-up Curry, who ultimately ended up suffering a Grade 1 MCL sprain. Having to contend without Curry slowed down a team that was able to win 73 regular season games, and even though the MVP ended up returning, most bettors feel like his play didn’t return at his MVP-caliber.

So after witnessing the aftermath of having one of your superstars injured, the Warriors went out in search of one equally valuable. But now fate has struck the Warriors again, with some fans claiming that there is an eerie semblance between Golden State blowing their 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and the 3/1 date that the organization found out this harrowing news.

As things currently stand, Durant is suspended indefinitely and is expected to be reevaluated in one month’s time. That might give the Warriors enough time to get their superstar back before the start of the online NBA betting playoffs, but with no definite date on Durant’s return, whether or not the former MVP will return is anybody’s guess. And even if Durant is able to make a comeback, it’s hard to imagine him being at 100% in such a short time period. Let’s see if the bookies have decided to change up the Warriors’ title odds.


Golden State Warriors -145

Cleveland Cavaliers +350

San Antonio Spurs +875

Surprisingly enough, sportsbooks are still fairly confident that the Warriors will overcome the latest injury to their superstar, and win another NBA title. Most players would agree that it will be either the Cavs or the Warriors who win it all this season, so the Warriors just have to find a way to beat out the best teams in the West in order to get another crack at Cleveland in the Finals. We saw the effect losing Curry had on the Warriors last season, and in the coming weeks we’ll see just what kind of effect losing Durant to injury will have on the franchise.