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One Win Away for the Warriors

After a much-needed awakening by the Splash bros during game 4, the Golden State Warriors are now one win away from back to back NBA championships. NBA betting experts had claimed that if the Warriors were to get one win out of Cleveland that the series would be over, and that they would be popping champagne. However what we were so unable to predict was that Draymond Green, a very key piece of the Warriors puzzle, will be suspended for Game 5. Now the question is, just how much will the Warriors be impacted without him?

The NBA betting line* opened up and remains close to:

Cavaliers +6 (-110) 207½ (-110) +190
Warriors -6 (-110)  207½ (-110) -230

*Please be advised that this was the line at the time of writing and that lines are subject to change, to get the most up to date line for tonight’s game please check Betnow.eu.

Green suspension has not taken away the favoritism that the odds makers have placed on the Warriors, but it has produced for some very interesting betting trends in the past several hours. At first, and as expected, many fans betting on basketball poured in with wagers in favor of the Warriors, then after the suspension was announced, the amount of action evened up for a while, but ultimately the Warriors continue to be the majority pick for tonight.

In the fourth quarter of game 4, Green got himself into a slight scuffle with LeBron James, heated words were exchanged, but ultimately it didn’t escalate to something major. Still, with Green’s recent history in the series against the Thunder, the league’s watchful eyes were closely on him. If it were to had happen to any other player in the league, it might have gone unnoticed, but Green had already put himself in hot water after a still controversial kick to Steve Adam’s groin. The Warriors will have a real challenge at hand to beat the Cavaliers, minus one of their star players. Granted, Curry and Klay could continue their momentum and torch the rim from 3 point land, but Green’s physical presence on the inside is a fundamental factor for them.

Fortunately for Golden State, they are playing at home and with a rabid crowd waiting to crown them. A loss would mean for another travel to Cleveland, but a win means a championship. They are now tested to show heart and grit, and bank all the opportunities they have through out the game. Now, more than ever, Steph Curry must put on a performance to put the Cavaliers to rest. Cleveland will attack them and try to exploit Green’s absence. However, the Warriors have too many resources to properly retaliate. It will be crucial that Warriors bench rise to the occasion.

NBA betting fans that are holding out for this game shouldn’t, the Cavaliers will put up a heck of a fight, but ultimately the Warriors will take the win and close out the series in front of their home crowd. Also, as the Total gravitates for the 204 area, it is very likely that this game will go for the over, as Curry and Thompson are expected to letting the ball fly as they do. If they hit, this will be a high scoring affair.