Nuggets’ Management Filled With Remorse

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Nuggets’ Management Filled With Remorse

The 2012-13 online NBA betting season was the golden year for the Denver Nuggets. That year the Nuggets posted a 57-25 record and even qualified for the playoffs. Unfortunately they didn’t get too far as Denver would get eliminated within the first round. That year the Nuggets’ head coach George Karl won the Coach of the Year award. However, Denver’s franchise did not think that was enough success to keep the longtime NBA coach around and decided to can him after the season concluded. Looking back, firing Karl might have done more harm than good.

Once the news broke of Karl’s dismissal, the online sportsbook betting community wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Sure Karl hadn’t been enjoying that much success in the recent years, but it seemed like the 2012-13 season was the turnaround he was waiting for. But the organization decided that they had had enough. So in the end George Karl was dismissed and the Nuggets brought in former NBA player Brian Shaw to replace him. Online NBA betting critics had high hopes for Shaw’s first stint as a head coach, but in the end Shaw failed to live up to the hype.

In his first year as a head coach Shaw led the Denver Nuggets to a 36-46 finish, ranking them 4th in the Northwest division and 11th in the Western Conference. It was certainly a big turnaround from Denver’s playoff finish the year before and to say that it was a letdown would be a vast understatement. In the following year Shaw’s results would once again force Denver to question their decision of firing Karl. In the 2014-15 season Shaw led the Nuggets to a 30-52 record, a 4th place finish in the Northwest division and a 12th place finish in the Western Conference. Needless to say, Shaw followed up one disappointing season with an even more disheartening performance and ultimately forced Denver’s hand and the Nuggets had no choice but to fire their 2-year head coach. Now that their failures had become a trend the basketball odds turned against the Nuggets and Denver’s new hire for head coach wouldn’t be able to overcome said odds.

Last season the Nuggets brought in Michael Malone to lead the Nuggets during the 2015-16 online NBA betting season. The Nuggets were desperate for a turnaround since they fired the one coach who actually got them to the playoffs. However, Malone wouldn’t do much better than his predecessor and would end up leading Denver to a 33-49 record which placed them 4th in their division and 11th in their conference. The Nuggets decided to give Malone another crack at it and kept him around for this season. But at 9-16 it doesn’t seem like Malone is delivering a turnaround.

The Nuggets will once again take to the court this upcoming Thursday to face off against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Nuggets are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Mavericks and it’s more likely than not that Denver will lose again. They say hindsight is 20/20 and that certainly applies to the Nuggets and their decision to fire a head coach after he delivered a postseason finish.