NFL Players Dealing Some NBA Wagering Complaints

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NBA Wagering Complaints

NBA wagering is alive and well as the summer league is just getting started. So far, we have seen Lonzo Ball make his professional debut, further thrusting the Big Baller family into the spotlight. However, those who bet on sports have another headline in the forefront of their mind.

Some Crazy NBA Wagering Money

Ever since James Harden became the highest-paid player in the NBA, and subsequently all other professional sports leagues in North America, other athletes – particularly players in the NFL, have been busy taking their wage frustration to social media.

This is nothing new, as the NBA has consistently been gaining this type of attention throughout the offseason. But Harden’s four-year $170 million extension, coupled with two-year $58 million already on his contract, sets the superstar up to earn $228 million over the next 6 years. Naturally, the rest of the sportsbook online world had plenty to say.

“Can we just have another lockout,” Chris Baker, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive tackle, joked on Twitter. “I want some NBA money.”

But you did not have to even leave the NBA to see some players comment on Harden’s nice pay increase. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the Houston Rockets.

Chris Paul, the Houston Rockets’ newest addition, had his own opinion on the matter.

“CONGRATS!!!! To hell with the ball, lemme hold some $” Paul wrote in a tweet.

While Paul’s comment comes with an undertone of humor, it does reveal a little bit of the current situation in Houston. Many NBA wagering fans, and even sports commentator Skip Bayless, feel that the franchise is inking this new deal in order to keep Harden satisfied – on the sideline more or less.

Bayless went on to comment that Paul will essentially be replacing Harden in the Rockets’ system, and that Houston is looking to keep the face of the franchise satisfied. No doubt a disgruntled Harden is bad for business.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Every offseason a handful of NFL players take to social media to complain about the difference of pay between the NBA and the NFL. Oftentimes, these vocalists will bring up the revenue difference between both leagues and they might have a point.

The NFL’s revenue for 2016 surpassed $13.3 billion, which is more than three times what the NBA pulled in for that year ($4.4 billion). In all actuality, this doesn’t compare all that badly to the difference in roster size.

The NBA has 15-player rosters while the NLF bolsters a 53-man roster. This is one of the biggest reasons given to justify the wage difference but it’s not that staggering when you think about. The NFL makes over three times the money the NBA does, but the NBA has a roster that’s roughly 1/3 the size of the NFL’s. The logic implies that the league should have no difficulty dishing out bigger paychecks.

Furthermore, the biggest complaint from NFL players when referencing NBA contracts is the guaranteed money. Oftentimes, NFL contracts come with some fine print that throws some hefty restrictions on their contract: like only offering guaranteed money after a certain date.

This allows NFL teams to scrap their promises to players if they become injured or compromised in some fashion. Even household players like Derek Carr have contracts with these provisions.

It’s a vicious league and NFL players might have a point when complaining with what their getting from their league.