New Orleans Finally Facing A Team of Their Caliber

Posted by: Mike Davis
New Orleans Finally Facing A Team of Their Caliber

The online NBA betting community doesn’t associate the New Orleans Pelicans with success and for very good reasons. In the 14 years that have passed since the franchise relocated from North Carolina, New Orleans has achieved a less than reputable record of 528-604. In addition, the Pelicans have only qualified for the playoffs six times, but have only won one playoff series and their biggest accomplishment includes that one time they won a division title. That kind of track record doesn’t instill a whole lot of confidence for NBA sportsbooks to start favoring your team, and at the start of the season the Pelicans faced some of the worst odds of winning the title in the entire NBA. Of course the 2016-17 season would mark the second year that Alvin Gentry would the head coach of New Orleans. To get a better picture of what we can expect from the Gentry-led Pelicans, let’s take a look at how New Orleans performed in their first year under Gentry’s guidance.

The 2015-16 season marked the first year that the Pelicans would be without long time coach Monty Williams. When he was hired, Williams became the youngest head coach in the NBA at 38 years old. However, his youth was not enough to help him retain his position as the Pelicans only posted two winning season under Williams. In both of those seasons New Orleans would qualify for the playoffs but the basketball betting odds never backed them, and both times the Pelicans would lose in the first round. The lack of results forced the Pelicans’ hand and they ultimately decided to bring in Gentry to replace him. However, Gentry’s track record isn’t exactly bridled with excellence.

Gentry was brought in from the Phoenix Suns who fired him after the 2012-13 season for posting a 13-28 record (he was dismissed before the season concluded). Although he hadn’t been coaching for a couple of years, the Pelicans were still confident he could find success in New Orleans. In his first year at the helm the Pelicans would go on to finish 30-52 and would miss out on the playoffs. New Orleans placed 5th in the Southwest Division and 12th in the Western Conference. Not exactly a standout performance in your first year, and the online NBA betting odds weren’t predicting too much success for New Orleans in 2016. So far, a lack of success is the best way to describe this year’s Pelicans.

Currently the Pelicans are 7-15 and are ranked 12th in the Western Conference once again. They’ll take to the court on Thursday December 8th to face off against the Philadelphia 76ers in their home court. The 76ers haven’t been having too great of a season and it’ll be interesting to see what the online NBA betting lines have to say about this contest.