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NBA Without an MVP? NBA betting Odds Say no Thanks!

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NBA Without an MVP?

There are only so many NBA betting online propositions and Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey wants to take one away from us just because James Harden has finished second in the voting for league MVP two times in three years – this year he was soundly defeated by Russell Westbrook while in 2015 he lost to Stephen Curry. In related news, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. “I don’t know if this is a good process,” Morey told The Crossover.

“You could argue for eliminating the awards altogether. I don’t really see a good way to do it that doesn’t have major issues. I like clean answers. If there’s not going to be a set criteria and there’s going to be issues with how it’s structured, for me it might be better to not have it.” according to Morey, the criteria for selecting the MVP changed from an emphasis on collective to individual achievements in the intervening year. That is to say, certain basketball betting online analysts believed that Curry beat Harden in the MVP race because the Warriors had a better record that season (but you know what they say; an analysis is just a glorified opinion). This season the Rockets won more games than the Thunder but Westbrook became the first player to average a triple-double since Oscar Robertson in 1962.So it was really a NBA betting online no-brainer if there ever was one.

The major league awards, such as MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and All-NBA teams, are voted on by a media panel consisting of one hundred members – of which Westbrook received 69 first-place votes while Harden got 22. If Family Feud has taught us anything is that 100 people seldom if ever agree on a single answer for the same question. And one can only stand up for consistency to a certain extent. Should we strip Bill Russell of the 1962 MVP and give it instead to Big O? Don’t think so. Afterward the awards were announced, ballot selections were made public with the goal of ensuring transparency as well as increasing the integrity of individual votes.

But that didn’t stop Morey from tweeting that the sport was losing its focus on winning. “I don’t think anybody really cares,” the GM said. “James definitely cared and I think we all cared. But we’ve moved on since the award isn’t focused on winning anymore.”Yeah. And those grapes really are sour. Hey, here’s a thought. The Cavs should trade Kyrie Irving to the Rockets. A flat-earther and a conspiracy theorist would get along famously. Now that the NBA finally has an awards show, when – or if – Harden does win MVP, his speech better start with, “you like me! You really like me!” In the meantime, however, he’ll have to content himself with his Shaqtin’ a Fool Most Valuable Player award. Don’t worry, though, James; in our NBA betting online hearts, you’ll always be MBP (Most Bearded Player).