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NBA Sportsbooks Predict Rebound & Blowout for Golden State

Posted by: Charlie Smith

The Golden State Warriors, the team most online NBA betting fans were picking to win the title this season, have not gotten off to the start that they were hoping for. Three games into the season, the Warriors have already conceded two losses. The first, which came via a missed last second shot from Steph Curry, was a 122-121 loss to the Houston Rockets. Losing by a hair’s length to a team that has the talents of James Harden and Chris Paul is no reason to sound the alarm. But the 111-101 loss the Warriors endured to the Memphis Grizzlies just might be. Sure, the Grizzlies were a playoff team, but a team that was 1 loss short of posting 40 losses on the season. A team of that caliber would’ve gotten smoked by the Warriors we remember. Is this a new day for Golden State. Let’s take a look at what kind of odds NBA sportsbooks are giving them in Monday night’s contest versus the Dallas Mavericks in order to better understand this question.

Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks – Monday, October 23rd

When: 6:30 pm ET

Where: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

TV: Local Broadcasts

Stream: NBA TV

Online NBA Betting Odds:

Golden State Warriors -11 ½ (-110)            214 ½ (-110)   -800

Dallas Mavericks +11 ½ (-110)         214 ½ (-110)   +550

Golden State Warriors

It’s no surprise to see Golden State being pegged as a heavy favorite against Dallas, but given their aforementioned performances, do the Warriors merit such heavy favoritism? It might be too early to tell, but in order to get a better understanding we should take a quick look at the Warriors scheduling. After losing their opener to the Rockets, Golden State got a 3 day rest before taking to the court to face New Orleans on the road. Three days was more than enough rest but the league wanted to make sure Golden State was well-rested before sending them on a road splurge across the country. After picking up that win against the Pelicans on the road, the Warriors took to the skies once more. This time, the club was traveling to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies. A rule as old as time in the world of online NBA betting is to take the away team if they’re playing back to back road games. That homage proved right once again as the Warriors came up short against an inferior team. The Warriors will now have to play on the road once again, albeit with one day’s rest, against the Mavericks. The Mavs aren’t as good of a team as the Grizzlies, and the day of rest should be more than enough for the Warriors to win this one decisively. Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a jab at that upset line, considering how great the payout currently is and that this will be the Warriors’ 3rd consecutive road game.


Dallas Mavericks

There’s not much to be said about the Mavs. They’re coming off a losing season, are 0-3 at the moment, and will likely deliver another less than stellar season. Dallas has already suffered losses to the Houston Rockets, the Sacramento Kings, and the Atlanta Hawks this season. This Monday night, the Mavs are likely to lose another one against a Western Conference opponent. At least that’s what basketball betting sites are predicting.