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NBA Betting Preview of Game 6 of the Finals

This NBA Finals have had all the ins and outs of a memorable series, and for NBA betting fans it has proven that the NBA can still be unpredictable. Despite taking a commanding lead and having the chance to finish the series at home, the Golden State Warriors (minus Draymond Green), lost game 5 at home in a terrible second half showing against the Cavaliers. Now, Cleveland has a new lease on life and they are now favorites to take this series to a game 7, instead of the Warriors beating them for the Championship tonight.

Warriors +2 (-110) 207 (-110) +115
Cavaliers -2 (-110) 207 (-110) -135

The current line at the time of writing this article has the Warriors as the underdogs for this game, despite being one win away from their second NBA championship on a row. They lost Andrew Bogut for the rest of the series due to injury, but now they get back Draymond Green at the best possible time. His inclusion is not enough to make them the road favorites for this game, but it does evens up the plying field, as now LeBron won’t have such an easy way to the basket this game. What the Cavs must do now is make sure the hit buckets from early on, as the Splash bros turned into brick layers in the second half of game 5. Those who bet on NBA, and took the Cavs on the second half probably banked a lot of winnings that night.

The Cavaliers have now momentum and a much needed confidence boost after they stopped the Warriors from celebrating at home. That long plane ride from Oakland to Cleveland probably felt a lot lighter for them after Irving and James combined for 82 points. They also demonstrated that they have the tools to beat the Warriors, and they did it in the Oracle Arena. Now with the series at their home court, it seems like the Cavaliers will surely force for a 7 game to give this series a fitting and dramatic final.

Also worth mentioning, is that both these teams have had a trend of beating the over and averaging 201 points per game, this could go for the over once more. This game will be closer than any other of the games this series thus far. Cleveland will want to make a statement and the Warriors will want to finish the series once and for all. This will be a true spectacle for NBA betting fans everywhere.

This game is going to be electric and it will produce some of the best basketball we’ve seen during the post season. It will also demonstrate that Draymond Green is in fact the true heart and soul of the Warriors. However, as exciting and close this game is going to be, we are having an extra game coming our way. Cleveland is going to ride that momentum and force that crucial game 7. As far as who will win that potential 7th game, we are still not ready to call the winner, but as far as our NBA betting pick, the Cavs are going to get it done tonight.