NBA Betting Odds Point to Kyrie Irving Staying Put

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Latest Kyrie Irving betting news

NBA betting odds, as well as team owner Dan Gilbert and newly appointed general manager Koby Altman all seem to agree that disgruntled employee Kyrie Irving will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the foreseeable future. They’re even giving the whole episode the Nineteen Eighty-Four treatment, not even confirming that the point guard requested a trade in the first place. “He’s a core piece of what we’ve done,” Gilbert said at Altman’s introductory news conference on Wednesday. “He has made great contributions to this franchise, and we enjoy him as a player and we’re going to keep this stuff in house in terms of what was said in those meetings, but he continues to be a core piece of who we are and what we do.”

Reportedly, Irving has grown tired of just being LeBron James’s lackey. Ronnie to his Nancy. Sonny to his Cher. Ringo to his rest of the Beatles. However, both Gilbert and Altman, as well as several Cavs players hope that James and Irving can kiss and make up – not literally, though. Or at least that the latter can keep his discontentment bubbling under the surface. For as people who enjoy betting on NBA games will see, one of the many differences between a LeBron James and a Kyrie Irving is that one has the clout to make demands and the other doesn’t. We’ll let you figure out which one is which.

“Right now, Kyrie Irving is under contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers for two or three years, depending on the last year,” Gilbert said. “As of now, he’s one of our best players, and sure, we expect him to be in camp.” The Cavs owner may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he sure is brave if he is not concerned about Irving going postal on him the entire organization. After all, the lad not only wants to be traded away from the best player and the second-best team in the league but he also believes that the Earth is flat – clearly he’s a few cans short of a six-pack.

All of this reminds us of the time Keith Richards was asked how he and Mick Jagger stayed together for so long. Keith took a long drag from his cigarette and said “friction, baby.” Perhaps the Cleveland brass is planning on recreating some of that ol’ Shaq-Kobe animosity that resulted in three NBA championships for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1996 to 2004 in order to improve the Cavs’ NBA betting odds. Gilbert even referenced Kobe himself: “The other Kobe, not this Koby, Kobe Bryant, I think there was a time he was calling radio stations and saying he was demanding to be traded and won two or three championships after that point.” Who in this situation is Kobe and who Shaq is open to interpretation, but there’s no denying that LeBron is the Abel to Irving’s Cain. According to Gilbert, James “has been as helpful as he’s ever been. He’s active and helped with Derrick Rose, and that’s why Derrick Rose has signed here; and he’s been active, he’s been responsive.”