NBA Betting Gives Phil Jackson the Boot

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Jackson’s Long Due Departure

The latest NBA betting information involves something we all saw coming: the New York Knicks officially parting ways with Phil Jackson. The news has left the sports world buzzing with some saying that the move took entirely too long and other stating that it didn’t really accomplish anything. Let’s take a look at Jackson’s journey with the Knicks.

Jackson’s Long Due Departure

Jackson, who is a legendary head coach due to the longstanding success he found with the Los Angeles Lakers, joined the New York Knicks organization to take an executive position as the team’s president.

Two years before Jackson joined the Knicks, New York had managed to post a 54 win season that saw the Knicks go all the way to the conference semi-finals. In the world of NBA betting, success is often measured by hitting that 50-win mark. If you can get 50 wins, you’re likely going to the playoffs and your season is considered a success.

Because the Knicks had found that success in 2013, most sports betting sites were expecting Jackson to have an immediate positive impact on the franchise. Unfortunately for the legendary coach, the opposite turned out to be true.

Jackson joined the Knicks on March 18th and the 2014-15 season would mark his first as part of New York’s management. While the NBA sports odds were predicting a step up from the 37-45 record the team had posted a year before, the opposite turned out to be true. The Knicks would go on to finish 17-65, an even worse performance than anyone could’ve anticipated.

When Jackson joined the Knicks, he talked heavily about breaking down the team and rebuilding it to be a champion. So, when New York had a poor season, many felt that it was warranted. However, 17 wins isn’t a poor season, it’s an abysmal season.

Since then, New York hasn’t found much success and many NBA betting fans feel that the fault lies within Jackson and his insistence on running the triangle offense. As a coach, Jackson found tremendous success employing his offensive philosophy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same NBA. The times have changed and Jackson’s inability to put his pride aside has severely crippled the Knicks.

This is because Jackson isn’t looking to sign the best free agent or draft the best available player. Instead, he’s looking for people who would be a good fit for his triangle offense. This mentality has led to no success as the Knicks posted a 32-50 record in Jackson’s second season and a 31-51 record last year.

So, in the face of defeat, what does Jackson decide to do? The logical thing would be to try a new approach, but Jackson has been anything but logical in his time at New York. In fact, Jackson’s public comments and franchise decisions make it clear that he planned to rip the team down once again and try to rebuild.

Mind you this is nearly 4 years after he said he was going to do that. What kind of world does Jackson live in that you can fail for 4 years and then say – “hey, let’s just try again”?

In the end, Jackson’s pride forced the hand of the Knicks. The way Jackson carried himself in New York left many fans feeling like he was never really interested in leading the franchise to success, but rather simply doing it for the dollars. Jackson got his payday, and now the Knicks can finally focus on bettering themselves.