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NBA 2k20 Sim: Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 6/19/2020 NBA Odds and Picks

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA 2k20 Sim Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 6-19-2020 NBA Odds and Picks

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 6/19/2020 – This is the biggest rivalry that the NBA has seen in its history as the 1985-86 Boston Celtics go up against the 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers for this NBA 2k simulation. This epic match will happen this Friday, June 19 and it can be viewed at It is one of the fiercest rivalries ever recorded in an NBA court as the league owes it to both of these teams to bring the basketball renaissance to the world. The Boston Celtics had three championships in the 80s while the Los Angeles Lakers had five. With the roster given to NBA 2k20, NBA Betting Lines Picks see the Los Angeles Lakers as the heavy favorites to win this match over the Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 6/19/2020

When: June 19, 2020 8:00 AM ET
Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers 6/19/2020 Betting Odds
Boston Celtics +11.5 (-110) 100.5 u (-110) +475

Los Angeles Lakers
-11.5 (-110) 100.5 o (-110) -850
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Boston Celtics Betting

The Boston Celtics have the legendary Larry Bird leading this team for the entire 80s and he has an overall rating of 98. His best ally is hailed as one of the best power forwards in NBA history in Kevin McHale at 91 overall. Robert Parish mans the center position and he is a paint beast at 85 overall while Dennis Johnson is the team’s combo guard with an 84 overall rating. Danny Ainge is the feisty sharpshooter for this team and he is at 78 overall. Bill Walton is a shell of himself but he is still a serviceable glass cleaner at 78 overall. Summing up the roster, they have Scott Wedman at 73, Sam Vincent at 69 and Jerry Sichting at 68 overall.


Los Angeles Lakers Betting

The Los Angeles Lakers own the 80s as this team owned half of the championship share that decade. This “Showtime” Lakers is led by Magic Johnson who is a six-foot-nine point guard at 98 overall. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar owns the league’s unstoppable move with the skyhook and he is given a 94 overall rating. Michael Cooper is combo guard and he has an 86 overall while James Worthy is at 85 overall rating. Byron Scott adds more scoring depth with an 84 overall while iron man AC Green fills in the big man rotation at 76 overall. Kurt Rambis, Billy Thompson, Mychal Thompson and Frank Brickowski sums up this NBA 2k20 roster of the 80s Lakers.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers Betting Picks

The Los Angeles Lakers have great offensive weapons and they are at the passing options of Magic Johnson which makes them a favorite to win by Best Sportsbook Online. The Celtics are top-heavy but there are too many mismatches in NBA 2k20 for them.

Moneyline: The Celtics are given an ML of +475 if they pull an upset win while the Lakers are at -850.

ATS: It is a very wide 11.5 points that is between both teams for this game. The Celtics are at +11.5 while the Lakers are on the other end with -11.5.

TOTALs: 100.5 is the given total for each team to reach with the Lakers and Celtics mos likely to go over.

Score Prediction: 110 – 103 Lakers