NBA 2021 Offseason and Free Agency Update

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA 2021 Offseason and Free Agency Update

The NBA 2021-22 season is not too far with little more than a month remaining for the games to take place. The fans are excited and this season is expected to be bigger with the Covid-19 relaxations. The offseason is the right time for teams to make their trades and sign up for free agents. There have been a lot of updates about some of the top players moving out for new possibilities. On the other hand, a few teams are all set to retain their own players. The list has no end, but a few deals are already in place for the upcoming season.

Jalen Johnson and Robert Williams

The Atlanta Hawks were one of those teams that made it to the postseason last time. The Hawks are currently said to be involved in re-signing John Collins and extending their contract with Trae Young. Jalen Johnson is the other player on the deal that might get drafted for the Hawks. Moving onto the Boston Celtics, they are all set to extend Robert Williams. Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker, and Dennis Schroder were the highlights during this offseason.

Nets to Trade Jevon Carter

There have been several rumors that the Brooklyn Nets are involved in trade talks for Jevon Carter. While the official announcement is yet to be made, Carter might just leave the Nets for a better deal. The Brooklyn Nets are expected to make their way through the playoffs once again this season. The Nets had one of the best offensive ratings and they will do their best to improve on their defense. If things are not in favor of the Nets, they will retain Carter and give him more playtime this season.

Lakers to Trade Gasol

Los Angeles Lakers are also reported to trade Marc Gasol in their 2024 second-round pick. Gasol is expected to land with the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for draft rights. It turns out that Gasol might get off the hook as the Grizzlies intend to waive him. The 36-year-old player could possibly end his NBA career and get back to his family in Spain. Gasol was drafted by LA back in 2007. In 2013, he helped the Grizzlies to win the Western Conference Finals. The talented player was impressive with his performance against the Toronto Raptors in their 2018-19 season.

Several other players are on the list and this seems to be the right time to make those final decisions. Mason Plumlee might be traded and the Bulls are believed to be trading for Derrick Jones Jr. The Cavs are making changes and hoping for a better season this time with Ricky Rubio on the list. Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets are the other teams that might have a change to their squad. The Detroit Pistons are all set to renew the contract of Cory Joseph. The NBA 2021 offseason trades and updates continue as teams make their final call before hitting the regular season.