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Miami to Face the Heat Next Season

NBA betting remembers the ‘Big Three’ that helped the Miami Heat win two NBA champions during 2012-13. That trio was arguably one of the best assembles that NBA betting may ever see (Until Durant went to Golden State). While there first and last year together ended in disappointment, those three musketeers were still able to bring two titles to Miami. After failing to make it a 3-peat James returned to his hometown and now several years later Dwayne Wade has decided to leave Miami for good. Recently, Wade has decided to sign with Chicago. This decision is most likely due to the lack of interest from the Heat to re-sign Wade during the regular season. Miami was saving cap space to make a bid for Kevin Durant, and in an effort to secure one superstar they ended up losing one. Now Chris Bosh is left thinking ‘And then there was one..’ and is forced to face what the future holds for both him and the Heat.

In the wake of Tim Duncan’s retirement Wade’s departure seems even more disappointing. Duncan had the type of career that every NBA player should aspire to. Duncan won his share of titles, set league records, and retired with the franchise that brought him into the league. The relationship between him, the franchise, and the fans is the epitome of competitive sports. On several occasions Duncan settled for less money than he was worth in order to help San Antonio bring in the players they needed. Miami thought they had that in Wade, and in reality they did. Wade was on course to spend his entire NBA career with one team, but as aforementioned the organization didn’t do their part. It was the absence of that feeling of belonging that made Wade decide to leave, and where better to head to than his hometown. At least there Wade knows he belongs.

Miami’s current roster is riddled with uncertainties. Chris Bosh may be returning but his contribution is uncertain due to his blood clot. The Heat signed Hassan Whiteside to a one year deal, but he doesn’t have the makings to be the franchises next star. Josh Richardson shows promise, but he’s still too young to be a foundation on this team. Miami would get more out of him by building him up rather than putting the pressure of the club’s future on his shoulders. Justise Winslow could be one of the top defensive players in the league, but his offense still shows need for improvement. Although sportsbooks have Miami’s odds for a title at +1225 Miami still has a steep rebuilding process ahead of them.

Bouncing back from losing the best player in your franchise’s history is no easy feat, but it’s the one facing Pat Riley. Riley has enough adversity facing him in trying to patch a team together and it’ll be even harder in the aftermath of Wades’ departure. After seeing the way he treated a player who led Miami to the playoffs 11 out of his 13 seasons, no big name free agent is going to want to jump ship. Even younger stars will want to steer clear of an organization with the notoriety that the Heat now has. Almost all of the talent has already left the market this free agency, forcing Riley settle for low-level talent. Whether Riley finds success or if he crashes in an epic meltdown you can be certain that the world of NBA betting will be watching.