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Looking over the Hottest Sportsbook Options in the NBA

Basketball betting sites like to arm their players with the information necessary to place a winning bet. However, because of the chaotic nature of professional sports, knowing in advance which teams will win is about as difficult as trying to predict the weather. Nevertheless, it is still important for players to arm themselves with knowledge in order to have an inclination into which teams will end up emerging triumphant.

Part of that knowledge includes power rankings, a short, easy-to-follow list of which teams are currently the hottest in the league. The rankings are never set in stone, but they unquestionably give fans a quick glance at teams that could rake in some profits at an online sportsbook. So without any further introduction, let’s take a look at the how the best teams in the NBA are currently measuring up.

  1. Golden State Warriors

Seeing the Warriors being ranked as the best team in the NBA should come as no surprise. Nevertheless, the Warriors are far from invincible and their loss to the Spurs this past weekend highlights that notion. So far Golden State has racked up 8 losses on the season, and what has been lacking in each of those losses is offense, not defense. Golden State is 9-3 against teams with a top-10 defense, which makes those who bet on NBA question whether or not the Warriors should be sportsbook favorites to win the title this year.

  1. San Antonio Spurs

Early in the season, San Antonio posted an unblemished 23-0 record against teams which they led by double-digits at some point in the game. However, that immaculate streak came to an abrupt end when San Antonio lost two games in which they led by 11 and 15. Most recently, the Spurs blew an 18-point lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder. But the Spurs managed to save that contest against the Thunder by delivering a breathtaking 4th-quarter that guaranteed San Antonio a win, as well as the No. 2 spot on this list.

  1. Washington Wizards

Despite what most basketball betting sites are predicting, the Wizards are hopeful that their 7-game win streak will be able to extend through their contest with the Cavs. But considering how good the Wizards defense has been recently and how poor the reigning NBA champions have been playing as of late, a Washington upset is far from inconceivable. Additionally, the Wizards are currently on a 17-home-game win streak.

  1. Houston Rockets

If it weren’t for Russell Westbrook’s ability to deliver a triple-double every other night, James Harden would by far be the leader of the MVP discussion. Many sportsbook fans were ruling out the Rockets before the season began, but Houston has been defying each and every one of our expectations. They also happen to have the easiest February schedule so make sure to pick the Rockets on some money lines.

  1. Boston Celtics

Paul Pierce may have retired but the Celtics aren’t slowing down, even in the absence of their veteran. Boston is currently riding a 7-game win streak that has earned them a top-2 spot in the East. The Celtics’ defense could certainly improve, but Boston could prove to be dangerous in the second-half of the season and basketball betting sites are well aware.