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LeBron James Betting Implications for the 2018-19 Season

Posted by: Charlie Smith
LeBron James Betting Implications

Just like we had predicted a few short weeks ago, LeBron James is officially heading to Los Angeles. The move isn’t all that shocking considering that James is quite fond of the Los Angeles area. And who wouldn’t want to head to California to escape the dreadful winters of Cleveland? Not to mention the vast differences in both the community and the city. But what are the basketball betting online implications of LeBron’s decision? Let’s check on the online wagering future NBA odds to get a better picture of LeBron James’ betting implications.

LeBron James Betting Implications

As was to be expected, the acquisition of LeBron James had had a massive impact on the Lakers’ futures sports betting odds. Coming off a season in which they failed to make the playoffs, Los Angeles wasn’t facing that great of odds. They weren’t facing the worst odds granted, but they were towards the bottom of the middle of the pack. But after picking up a the 3-time NBA champion who has made the last 8 NBA Finals consecutively, the Lakers are now facing the second best odds of the pack. Naturally, the reigning NBA champions are pegged as the biggest favorites.

The addition of James doesn’t come as a big surprise. After all, this is what Magic Johnson was brought in to do: acquire the best talent in the NBA. Ultimately, James fits that bill perfectly. A small but humorous story has emerged out of Johnson’s approach. Apparently Magic was so eager to pitch LeBron that he showed up extremely early to their appointment. In the end, NBA rules forced Magic to sit in his car

But does the acquisition of LeBron mean that the Lakers are a shoo in for the NBA Finals? Considering that they’re playing in the West, they cannot be considered that. Granted, with LeBron on the team they should have zero problems making the playoffs. All in all Los Angeles isn’t the most talented team. But the King will be joining a roster consisting of Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram. That’s not the most talented team in the world, but there’s certainly plenty to work with. In the end it’ll be interesting to see what kind of chemistry LeBron and Lonzo work out considering that they’re two of the best minds in the NBA.

Looking Ahead to the 2018-19 Season

But LeBron won’t just be joining the aforementioned group. He will also be joined by Lance Stephenson, a grizzled NBA veteran. Stephenson and James have had a brewing rivalry over the years but it’s clear they’re now focused on winning titles together. But should basketball betting online players feel confident in taking Los Angeles on some NBA titles predictions?

All things considered, it’s probably best not to. We don’t yet know how this group will work together. More importantly, we don’t know what kind of ramifications the Ball-James pairing could have. We’re pretty sure Lonzo and LeBron will get along, but there’s no guarantee LaVar and the King will. Both sides are massive drama queens and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this affect the Lakers this season. However, LeBron James’ betting implications should at the very least get this team into the postseason.