Latest NBA Power Rankings for Fans Betting on NBA Lines

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Latest NBA Power Rankings for Fans Betting on NBA Lines

Those betting on NBA games were tired of hearing about how the Golden State Warriors were heading into the toughest part of their schedule last week. With games scheduled against the reigning NBA champions, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Houston Rockets, most sportsbook fans were in agreement that the Warriors had their work cut out for them. But Golden State cruised through the rough waters without missing a beat. However, following that defiant showing, the Warriors were embarrassed by the Miami Heat. The Heat didn’t blow them out – how can you blowout a team with Durant, Curry, and Thompson? – but the fact that the second to last team in the Eastern Conference was able to defy the leader of the Western Conference left many basketball fans baffled and in search of a new and updated NBA power rankings. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how teams are measuring up after another week of bets on basketball matchups.

  1. San Antonio Spurs

Most fans betting on NBA lines would like to see the Warriors maintain their top spot, but a last-second loss to the Heat cannot be so easily dismissed. The Warriors and their MVP studded roster should not have allowed a 15-30 team to gain a lead early in the game. The fact that Golden State wasn’t able to win that contest further highlights the problems with their 4th-quarter defense. Meanwhile, Kawhi Leonard has made a great case for being the West’s MVP of the second trimester. Until now the MVP discussion revolved mostly around Harden and Westbrook, but now Leonard has thrown himself into the mix and in doing so has propelled the Spurs to the top spot in this week’s power rankings.

  1. Golden State Warriors

As previously mentioned, the Warriors have some serious issues to address regarding their offense late in the game. That said, this team still has way too much talent to be ranked any lower than No. 2. Despite the addition of Durant, this year’s Warriors are still not as exuberant as last year’s squad, but that shouldn’t deter sportsbook fans from consistently picking the Warriors. Golden State will continue to ride a high amount of success throughout the regular season. We’ll just have to see if anyone can make them pay for their pitiful 4th-quarter offense once they make the postseason.

  1. Houston Rockets

From the 1st of December to the 10th of January, the Harden-led Rockets were able to put up an impressive 20-2 record. Since then, the Rockets have gone 3-5, and during that tenure Houston’s offense has ranked 11th in the league. But amidst disappointing performances from the Cavaliers and the Warriors, the Rockets have been playing just well enough to keep themselves in the mix. The return of Clint Capela and Ryan Anderson should have this team back on track.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers

It might seem unfair to have the reigning champs ranking so low, but even LeBron is starting to show concern about how things are going for the Cavs so far in 2017. The Cavs have lost 5 out of their last 7, but the fact that King James is on their team means that they are still dangerous, will continue to win, and those betting on NBA futures can expect to see Cleveland in the postseason.

  1. Utah Jazz

The Jazz have made a big jump in this week’s power rankings. Sure the Jazz had their 6-game win streak snapped by the Oklahoma City Thunder and another Westbrook triple-double. The Jazz are far from sportsbook favorites, but pretty soon they might be able to snap the All-Star drought looming over the franchise.