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The GS Warriors are Vegas Basketball Betting Darlings

Las Vegas has jumped on the Golden State Warriors-Kevin Durant-basketball betting gravy train. Vegas released the over/under win totals for every team in the NBA 2016-17 season, and the Warriors are at the very tippy top of the list with 66.5 wins. By way of comparison, Golden State, the Warriors were projected to win 59.5 games last season. As anyone who wasn’t abducted by aliens knows, the Warriors set a new league record with 73 regular season wins. So Stephen Curry choked harder than CM Punk in the Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers? Golden State is still the odds on favorite to win the 2016-2017 NBA championship at BetNow.

Curiously, most people betting on basketball are putting their money on the New York Knicks. Do they know something we don’t? Nearly 60% of the money bet so far has been on the Warriors to win the NBA championship, but the New York Knicks have reportedly received the most overall bets. Who woulda thunk it? The Knicks are slated to win 38.5 games next season, while other teams with, shall we say, more of a basketball betting chance, such as such as the San Antonio Spurs and the Cavs are both at 56.5. That is, ten games behind the Warriors each. “It’s really an outlier for the Warriors to be as separated as they are,” odds-maker Jeff Sherman told ESPN.

The gap – though “chasm” might be a more accurate term – between Golden State and San Antonio and Cleveland is virtually unprecedented. In previous seasons, the top teams opened with win totals in the vicinity of 61.5, while the following echelon made the high 50s. This time around, only the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics broke the 50 mark, with 53.5 and 51.5, respectively. Does this mean that the Warriors really and truly are a Super Team? And if so, will they get their own Saturday morning cartoon like the Super Globetrotters? Durant could be Liquid Man; Curry could be Spaghetti Man; Draymond Green would be Super Sphere; Klay Thompson would be Gizmo; and Zaza Pachulia could be Multi Man.

Now what some basketball betting fans might be wondering is this; the Warriors won 73 games last season, so shouldn’t they win even more games now that they have Kevin Durant onboard? As it turns out, some people believe the Warriors will not win 67 games. You know how in ye olden tymes last names reflected your occupation, like Miller or Baker? Well, this guy called Colin Cowherd had this to say on Fox Sports: “Sixty-six wins! Bird did it once. Magic never did it in the regular season. Michael did it a couple times. Oklahoma City last year was loaded. They had 55 wins!” This dude obviously doesn’t have Jake Jarmel’s problem with exclamation marks. What he may have, though, is a point. The bench depth that came through when Curry was injured/choking is all but gone, and so is height. Then there’s the chemistry issues that a roster overhaul might bring about. Still, short of a full-on implosion, the Warriors will be a force to be reckoned with.