Golden State Warriors need Hans & Franz to pump them up

Posted by: Mike Davis
Golden State Warriors need Hans & Franz to pump them up

The Golden State Warriors may be the NBA online betting odds-on favorites but they are not going to win the championship again unless they stop playing their “girly” brand of basketball, according to Charles Barkley. “Maybe I’m old school but I’m never gonna like that little girly basketball where you have to outscore people,” Chuck said on TNT’s Inside the NBA. “I’m biased against girl basketball.” To which former NBA point guard Kenny Smith – who is nowhere near the living legend that Chuck is (the man played and beat Godzilla, for Zeus’s sake) – replied “did you ever watch U-Conn.?”

Forget it, Kenny. You’re out of your element. You have no frame of reference, Kenny. You’re like a child who wanders in the middle of a movie and wants to know what’s going on. Just so you know, Geno Auriemma (Huskies women’s basketball head coach) is one of Chuck’s “favorite people.” As a matter of fact, Chuck loves him some “women’s college basketball.” He just doesn’t “want it in the NBA.” Just to straighten things up – and this a fact, not an opinion – when Chuck derides “girly basketball,” he’s not even referring at all to women. On the contrary, he’s talking about men. Girly-men. Poor little girly-men, alone in their girly-houses. Chuck has always been openly critical of the Warriors, and gosh darn it, someone has too. The rest of the sportsball media simply content themselves with drooling and fawning all over the alleged super team, like they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Unfortunately, where there is a Gulliver there are also Lilliputians. For instance, CBS Sports’ Matt Moore says that Chuck’s claim makes “no sense.” Doesn’t it? Or does it make so much sense you just blew your mind? Also, WaPo’s Jake Russell says that Chuck “might want to consider rethinking his biases.” Might he? Or is your entire world just crashing down all around you? Chuck is just saying what many are thinking, including people who enjoy betting on NBA games in a sportsbook. And it’s not like he hasn’t been right before, like when he said that Kevin Durant is a “cheater” who jumped on the Warriors’ “gravy train” because he doesn’t like to compete. As another man condemned for his words said, veritas liberabit vos – which roughly translates to “hear me now and believe me later.”

Not all is lost for the Warriors, though. For starters, they do have the second-best all-around basketball player on earth after LeBron James – who is, once again according to Chuck, Klay Thompson. Let’s face it, though; you just can’t “win a championship shooting jumpers.” Never, never ever. Well, except in 2015. And maybe this season too, if the NBA online betting odds hold. But other than that, never in the ever. All things considered, though, there is a way that the Golden State Warriors can retain their status as NBA online betting odds-on favorites. They can always resort to Pumping Up with Hans & Franz. They’re here to pump [clap] you up!